New Penguin


New penguin of the week,updated go check it out to see who has been picked randomly!!!!


10 Responses to “New Penguin”

  1. gardenax Says:

    I found a new friend Jospenguin11

    shyshy6510:her or his site is pretty cool

  2. 123kde Says:

    shyshy do you even care im quiting?!?

    shyshy6510:yea i do what do u think i am an horrible friend!! i don’t even believe you said that so you know what whatev

  3. 123kde Says:

    i dont think u r a horrible friend

    shyshy6510:you dont??

  4. 123kde Says:

    i gust i mean u didnt comment why i sho.. you know what forget it im sorry i just you see i w… im sorry um the truth is i hav the chickin pox and my hamps… you know what im just am having a cr*py week im srry i stink as a friend 😦

    shyshy6510:aww it is okay i have never had the chicken pox so i wouldn’t know how you feel and also thanks for atleast thinking im not horrible 😆 and sorry that you have been having a crappy week

  5. justrokstarcp Says:

    Hey Shy, I have my own account now can u spread the news just a little? here’s the link

  6. Donuts not logged in Says:

    KDE DONT QUIT!!!!!! U DID GOOD AT LEAST! Dont quit now. . . 😦

    shyshy6510:it takes you so long to get some where and you quit that is a little idiotic

  7. behemothfiles Says:

    kde dont quit

    shyshy6510:i know he is saying he is gonna quit

  8. Ruby ele1997 Says:

    UUUH, OK!!!!

  9. Crysatal97 Says:

    Hellllllllllllllllo justrokstarcp UR SITE ROXS!

  10. Justrokstar Says:

    Hello Crystal! 😉

    shyshy6510:who is crystal?!?!

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