Wassupp sorry dude i wasn’t on yesterday because like I ot like in trouble with my grandma and she kicked me off for the rest of the night so like I just sat upstairs and watched ‘Why did I get Married’ a Tyler Perry movie so awesome and so much drama,anyways well umm yes nochia we can meet,justrokstar sorry i can’t make it to your party,and 123kde i made it to question 3 so umm anyways those are the answers to your ?’s for me and also this boy who everyone says is really cute likes me which is so good even though I don’t know him and I have no classes with him,and also you know how my i guess ex-boyfriend moved well I found out where 😆 he is going to some dumb christian private school (i overheard is friend talking) and he was supposed to have the locker next to mine so mad and also his his friend was talking and his other friend asked me if I still went out with him and I said no and then his friend so no duh she goes out with (a boy I can’t name) and i flipped out because he is always saying I like him i used to but I don’t anymore ,umm i had picture day today and umm i got my hair done and i got some new uniform polos and i got a pair of airforce’s 82′ and now cp news is 4 days until stage construction is over


Hello Penguins!

Did you check out the construction that’s happening at The Stage?  I don’t want to give everything away, but here’s a sneak peek of the brand new production that’s going to start this Friday!!

As always, I’d love to hear your guesses and ideas.

In Other News:  I’ll have another very cool sneak peek for you on Wednesday.  I want to give you a hint about the party that’s going to happen at the end of this month – So stay tuned! 

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

i read some comments and people thought it had to do with broadway ,well obviously it is big i mean they are reconstructing the whole entire stage!!!!

and they talk about a party which I think is going to be the fall fair 08′ i can’t wait if it is i didnt sign up until late , late october last year. my penguin is 306 days old

here is the countdown until clubpenguin nintendo ds game comes out and also they have just released a new color!! silver!!! i got black 😆 during christmas time last year , my dad wen to the store at the last minute and there was no pink so i had to get black but haha it is decorated in stickers!! 


hope you like this post it has a little bit of everything!!


also omg look at this

307 hits septmeber 7. 2008 that is crazy people we need that every day c’mon come one!! that is just crazy but today (they reset the days at 8 pm) we only got 123 hits which sucks but people please try to do this

also if you wanna meet me clubpenguin pst time is 3 hours behind my time i am in eastern time and also i get off of school at 3:10pm and get home around 4 monday-friday so make your time around that,also when my grandma and granpa get home I am not allowed back on the computer until 6:30pm and sometimes my uncle gets on but I will always reply to your comments about that


8 Responses to “Wassup!!”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    hey people please visit


    sign-up and please where it says friend code write this in


    i would appreciate it a ton and you know I would do the same for you
    if you enter that code and i get 5 people to sign up then i get a cool clothing item and if i get 25 i get a rare pet
    also if you do do that and then comment right after you do it,and i check to see how many and there is like 1 or w/e then i will post a site of your choice in a post and explain how you got it

  2. Nochia Says:

    YAY. OK.

  3. behemothfiles Says:

    wow…man i will never be as good as ruby 😦 i only have 415 hits in all

    shyshy6510:when did start??

  4. Oreo 8000 Says:

    I will update it right now!!!!!


  5. donuts11 Says:

    hey shy, you dont have to delete mikel myers. Im still gonna use the peng. I might give it away soon.


  6. Chase Says:

    Please come to my site! It has awsome club penguin cheats!



  7. Nochia Says:

    Dang it, I’m sorry shyshy, I had HW to do… YES, ON A FRIDAY. 😦

    shyshy6510:yea we did to this friday we had to do this dumb crossword in science which had math words like kilometer and centimeter

  8. Nochia Says:

    Oh… wow. I had just a lot of hw.

    I’m on White House sitting there cuz I said either Friday or Saturday. =)


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