Has anybody??


Has anybody signed up for dizzywood.com if you havent please click the following type in the following thing   (   http://play.dizzywood.com/  ) (123KDE:i fixed the link.)(thanks.shyshy6510) also please enter in


as your friend code because  i would really appreciate it and i have one person sign up and enter that if I could find out who that is I will post your site a long with 4 more when more people sign up in one post.

also our hits have went from 307 to 123 which is really weird also people who advertise on posts that you aren’t supposed to , take note i have a ADVERTISEMENT page for a reason

well please sign up for dizzywood.com and nothing has happened in clubpenguin.and I will be making a new post soon of course about dizzywood oh and i have saw on a couple of people’s site that they think the shamrock will be the next pin,who knows why but i definitely don’t think so the shamrock pin is like the beta hat hopefully to never come back out! oh and school went good this boy named unay likes me yea i know weird name don’t need to tell me. 🙂


it out!!

7 Responses to “Has anybody??”

  1. Justrokstar Says:

    well. me and donuts started off. as one site. then i decided to have permission to get my own site on donuts account. i started blogging a while ago. i couldnt have my email until i went i could go to seventh. but i will still keep my other orignal site.

    shyshy6510:okay cool

  2. gardenax Says:

    Wow I don’t put tags on my site anymore and 2 people who Idk are coming to my site. Wow!

    shyshy6510:umm okay

  3. gardenax Says:

    Actually 3

  4. gardenax Says:

    I wish to get dizzy wood but those people think this is my real name!


  5. Crysatal97 Says:

    I quit DW real boring. i did have a code cake something but who cares dumb site although more interesting than CP clothes/home items r rip off. Sozzy.

    shyshy6510:dizzywood is cooler seriously so w/e to what ya think

  6. Ruby ele1997 Says:

    Hi, plz visit this site

    http://animalsmagic.wordpress.com/ becasue i have had it a little while and hardly anyone has visited it
    Also click on my name to visit my cp site

    shyshy6510:i am leaving this here because you really do need hits lol not to be offensive or anything but funcoolcp your other site is doing great!

    ruby: Thx for the comment about my main site, and yes animalsmagic really does need hits!

  7. juanuaci Says:

    hey shyshy im bored im gonna make a video

    shyshy6510:umm okay and about what??

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