New play


here is the new play and this one has the best costumes ever!!! click to enlarge

and also there is a new pin

pin is at the dock.

also thank you bubba1960 or w/e for making the post below very helpful and also axcoolkenny03 check the post you made i commented back in the post..

oh and I missed these things this morning when I made this post sorry

To get the Secret Noir Background go to the back of the costume catalogin the stage and drag down the picture thing that says where do I get coins,click the picture and now you have a chance to buy a 60 coin background!


Secret Costume Clothing Items!!

wow that is  strange I think that this is the first time they actually have a secret costume item!!

Click the doorknob on the fourth page for the dark detective coat!


Secret Pin!

(i got this from watex’s site and yes I took his pictures because I can’t edit pictures)

Go to The stage!!

Click the things in the following order

File Cabinet,Trashcan,Book,Vase,Painting

                                Then click the safe behind the painting


                                                            ~ You know have the Ruby pin!~


2 Responses to “New play”

  1. chetlu671 Says:

    Free Member penguin contest at my site!

    Go to (link removed) and start commenting!


    shyshy6510:uhh sir we have advertise page for reason!!! click his name to go direct to his site

  2. bubba1960 Says:

    he was on my site 2


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