Well hey fellow penguins sorry about the lateness of the post ,but I had to watch America’s Next Top Model I recorded it also Nikeysha got eliminated.Well Here Is The News


Stage News,New Play Tomorrow

Well hey the new stage play comes out tomorrow hopefully I can post about it because I am going over to my mom’s house and I can’t take pictures on her computer anyways

they say that the theme and definetely are still a mystery and  look down at previous posts to see the the sneak peek to it.They also say you need to play attention really close to the script they say in order to quite understand it.

Hey here is something I got from watex’s site or I found the info from

Press all of these in order to see the playbill for the new play,they are all on pages A2 and A3

                                            he should like blink or wink whatever lol

                                           the manhole sewer should open up real big

a whole bunch of black paint that looks like sludge should appear in the paint can

                                                 the box should open

Here is the Playbill:

ruby and the ruby…aww rubyele1997


Autumn Is Coming , So Are Other Things!



Boo! Don’t miss tis year’s third annual halloween celebration when the halloween party comes to an island near you!

                                                                        Fall Fair!!!


What would autumn be without clubpenguin’s Famous ‘Fall Fair’ to celebrate! Don’t miss all the cool prizes

                                                                Clubpenguin Anniversary !!!


On October 24th Clubpenguin turns 3 years old. This party is to be better than ever!!


Im Just Curious!!!

People have you noticed this mysterious wig in the clubpenguin newspaper! It is really cute but strange and pink. Also I wonder how come we can’t change the color of our wigs because my penguin is ALWAYS brown and when i wear the new wig is doesn’t look right.Well here look at these pictures and tell me what YOU think?

                                                                  face shot

                                                                        head shot

 there is one more,but it was really hard to come up,you can look for yourself.



September 12th-New play at the stage

September 19th-New better igloos catalog

September 26th-Prepare to party

October 3rd-New penguin style catalog


shyshy6510-hope you like the post,comment 🙂

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    wow and yeah first comment

    shyshy6510:thanks and lol

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