Simply Me!


Well hey people you ask what is going on with me , well today I add a majorly awesome day , we went to pet supplies and I had 20 dollars and I wasn’t expecting on buying anything but I bought a cute little golden hamster!He has a water bottle,a little wheel and I am serious I so bought him the wrong size wheel he fits in it buy like he cant run 😆 umm and I bought him so bedding which is like paper and 2 lbs. of food and he doens’t have a cage YET but he is living a big cardboard box and I was ging to buy him this igloo thing to sleep in but I didn’t have enough money so I made him a little house which he so adores it has a windo and a little door for him to climb in and out of.Me and my mom found some toilet paper rolls and he loves climbing through them and when we finish the Pringles we will cut a hole in the bottom and he can climb through that.He was only 8.98$ which is cheap for a hamster , but he was also on sale.My mom bought a white parakeet and it is a girl because she already has a boy and Icannot wait until breeding season then they will have little parakeets also my hamster when we brung him home from the pet supplies store and he chewed his way through the box his head was jumping out of the cardboard box.Umm well  school was good umm and here is a site that I would love for you to visit because he givcesme many hits and is really nice 😆


5 Responses to “Simply Me!”

  1. behemothfiles Says:

    thanks shyshy i had also made a post for yall

    shyshy6510:aww thanks dude your awesome!

  2. Ruby ele1997 Says:

    aaaw, sweet!

    shyshy6510:read the post above but it doesnt matter i am getting a dwarf hamster

  3. bubba1960 Says:

    cool! i have 2 cats ! u can watch them on youtube!

    shyshy6510:your strange i have webcam on my pc and can make vids but like i cant take the computer around the house 😆

  4. bubba1960 Says:


  5. bubba1960 Says:

    y my pic weird!
    i logged in!!


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