Sorrow And Love,Animal Confusion


Hamster Sadness

Ok well look my hamster Brownie,he or she was a golden hamster or Syrian hamster really cheap,but the thing is that is is nocturnal.So like I made it this house right out of cardboard,and he climbed on top of it and jumped out of the box and I was so sad when i woke up this morning and searched through his little cage thing and found him no where to be seen.I am so sad and I hope he doesn’t fall down a vent , but he is roaming around my mom’s house,because this little 8 year old girl who I hang out with was over here and she was looking through the door and she said “What color is your hamster?” like really surprising and I said “Brown with some gold in it” and she said “Well I think I just saw him run across the room near the TV” we looked and we believe he fell down the vents back there and was crying this whole entire morning because most hamsters aren’t friendly , but this one was so noce and hyper and I really wanted to keep him , but he ran away or jumped away either one works.Next week we are getting a 30 or 20 dollar cage and 2 little hamsters so they’ll be occupied and a wheel and a little food bowl.Buy me and my mom are thinking about getting a little dwraf hamster which won’t even be able to climb to the top of the cradboard house , buy by then we will have a cage , a nice cage with a lot of different colored tubes and a little house at the top of the stairs which it can sleep in,that cage was the prettisest it was blue,purple,and white!

Parakeet Loooovvvvvveeeeee 

My mom’s two parakeets a boy and a girl,the boy is light and dark blue and the girl is all white and some blue on it’s tail feathers but anyways they were kissing eachother so cute and the boy would put like the bird seed in it’s mouth and then put the bird seed in the girl’s mouth so cute  they are adorable!!!

Dog ain’t got no man-hood!

We got a dog about 2 months a go and we had to get him shots and everything and last Tuesday he got neutered and boy’s I think you all should know what that means! He got like something tooken out so gross and know he can’t help make any puppies haha!!!

That’s all and I couldn’t get a picture of my dog or cat and also umm I a not a fan of watex’s anymore you can ask why,new poll! and umm that is about it

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4 Responses to “Sorrow And Love,Animal Confusion”

  1. behemothfiles Says:


    shyshy6510:so sad seriously

  2. behemothfiles Says:

    i guess

    shyshy6510:you guess what come on say it 😥 you know you wanna 😆

  3. Crysatal97 Says:

    Shyshy On Pokeplushies R U a MEMBER? Like go on the fourms trade stuff etc.
    ‘cuz if u r I would like to be ur friend/trade with u!

    shyshy6510:no im not a member i just posted the html code in my text box that’s all

  4. Crysatal97 Says:

    Oh! Too bad! U should beocme one! Its much fun! And we could trade each other! + Its free! 😆

    shyshy6510:oh well I am not all that interested in that anyways i just got them so like people could feed them and stuff and see what they look like when they hatch

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