5,000 Hits party!! (for funcoolcp.wordpress.com)


Hi, it’s ruby here,

I promised some more info about the 5,000 hits party! Well, also I will be my b-day a week after the party, so its also going to be my b-day party!

Heres the invite!

If you can not read the invite it says:

Date: 20/09/08 (or 09/20/08 if you are american) It’s a saturday.

Time: 10:00am Penguin time.

Where: In club penguin, in the server brumby at the dock (we will be moving around cp.)

Why: My blog has 5,000 hits and Its soon my birthday!

Please, please ,please come ( my penguin is called ruby ele1997, I will be accepting all buddy requests!)

Hope to see you there



shyshy6510:ruby i can make it but only because it is a saturday so I’ll be there are 12pm eastern time


6 Responses to “5,000 Hits party!! (for funcoolcp.wordpress.com)”

  1. behemothfiles Says:

    cool ill be there!


  2. Ruby ele1997 Says:

    Thx shyshy and behemoth

    shyshy6510:welcome and np from me and behemoth16

  3. behemothfiles Says:

    your welcome

    shyshy6510:to ruby

  4. Ruby ele1997 Says:


    shyshy6510: :mrgreen: 😯 😛 😆

    ruby: 8) ➡ 💡

  5. Justrokstar Says:

    wow. i might come.

    shyshy6510:im coming

  6. bubba1960 (not logged on) Says:

    ill try to make it

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