Video Of the Day


Here is the video of the day!

they are a group called little jackie and this song is the theme song of “New York Goes To Hollywood”

Little Jackie-The World Should Revolve Around Me!


Friday I will be going over to my mom’s house and my dad is giving me $30.00 and me and my mom are going to Pet Supllies Plus and getting another Golden or Syrian Hamster and a purple cage which is so cute!


Also I am really into dizzywood right now it is just so fun and there is so much you can do anywaysplease sign up at

and I would really really appreciate it if you entered in


as your friend code because I mean I’m your friend right?

Also I was thinking about making this a half cp half dizzywood site

Tell me what you think.

shyshy6510-bye for now

vote on the new poll

and I also have school today unfortunately!


3 Responses to “Video Of the Day”

  1. behemothfiles Says:

    Yeah you brought that up on my site that you were gonna be makeing it half and half

    shyshy6510:well lot of people aren’t liking the idea so i guess not

  2. samus9000 Says:

    Hey Its Samus9000, please dont make this a half dizzywood site i used to love dizzywood but, after a month or two you’ll get bored. Check out my site and leave a comment or something and that would rock thanks!

    shyshy6510:okay and I’ll be sure to comment

  3. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    Yo! Visit My site and look at The Hits For Hits Program!


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