Other Stuff


here is some other new about the newspaper and some other stuff.

Okay well I am not quitting on the behalves of all of the people that are saying i shouldn’t quit so I am not quitting and like my internet days would be so boring without this blog and all my fans thanks so much and sorry if i cussed but i was so mad and i don’t recall cussing.


News is that some boxes from Rockhopper’s party last year that he left some boxes and clubpenguin left them un-opened which means new games and prizes for the Fall Fair,but also old games and tickets of course will be recording.Members will  be expecting a special surprise!

Stage Review

They say that if you follow the script and click all the right places you will find the Ruby and have solved the mystery! I have made a previous post about it  so you might want to check that out if you haven’t read that.

Autumn Preview!

This just says that like there wil be some new stuff and stage previews and other stuff!

Rockhopper Notice!

here is a rockhopper notice

he says that there will be a grand day september 19 and to be talking to your buddies like your pirate and dressing in your best penguin pirate attire


September 19-new furniture catalog

September 26 – fall fair begins

October 3 – new penguin style catalog

ill post cheats tomorrow!


6 Responses to “Other Stuff”

  1. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    Good Post.

    shyshy6510:w/e you no your lying

  2. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    If I can trust you to….
    1. NOT Delete my blog pages or anything on it or change it.

    2.Make good posts.
    Ill add you back to it.

    shyshy6510: i dont wanna be added back duh’

  3. behemothfiles Says:


  4. axcoolkenny03 wont log in Says:


    shyshy6510:i dont even think this is the real axcoolkenny03

  5. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Well you are still here! What a good thing 😛


  6. bubba1960 Says:

    Like the new header?

    shyshy6510:i dont like it at all 😡 I love it!!!!!

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