Vid Of The Day And Other


Well here it is

Closer-Neyo he is so hot!

Also well I got my hair braided today sorta looks like boy braids because they are big and the boy i think is totally gorgeous literally , is moving i am so freaking mad! He is so cute and he can’t pronounce his R’s so like umm homeroom he says like homewoom he is so cute and I’m mad and sad umm we got the movie Run Fatboy Run I will give the review tomorrow. umm there are some new dizzywood updates for you dizzywood players including me,nothing new has happened on clubpenuin lately and also my site is so starting to suck lately look at the stats!

They Are Going Down Everyday , So Not Cool!!!!!!

-sincerely shyshy6510-

Update:I have a new favorite song it is Paper Planes by M.I.A youtube it


13 Responses to “Vid Of The Day And Other”

  1. gardenax Says:

    What thy haell

    shyshy6510:wat have u nvr heard that song b4

  2. donuts11 Says:

    um ok… why does everyone like M.I.A?! I mean really. at least your lucky that you have those hits! I barely have anything ova 80. Unless i advertise on my test pengs. I like the song “Cookie Jar” From Gym Class Heroes!!! Its cool.

    shyshy6510:i have nvr heard of M.I.A until i heard their new nymber one hit single paper planes on the radio 96.5 kiss f.m to be exact i really dont like gym class heroes i like fall out boy but dude i love the vids I POST EVERYDAY!

  3. gardenax Says:

    No I didn’t watch that song or whatever. I get the same hits like you Omg! Like on weekends maybe 100-300 about then during weekdays I get 14-37.

    shyshy6510:oh and the music vid freaking roxs

  4. gardenax Says:

    So yeah you are lucky to have those hits. My site used to get more views than you. Now your the one with the popular site. The way to getting more hits is to not leave you site. Like make a post at least everyday. If you keep the same post like leave for 5 days then even though people commented they might not anymore. They might like leave. Or you can get lots of comment in the post if ur lucky. It happens to me all the time that’s why I hardly get views. I get only a 100. And while you were gone I thought everyone was still here. It turned out that I was the only one here. There were like 2 people on. Now it’s chetlu with the popular site. Like out of the few months I known you I never expected this to happen.

    shyshy6510:oh i dont really even go to chetlu’s site often

  5. bubba1960 Says:

    i never have any over 40 !!!


  6. drkshadow17 Says:

    the songs OKKKKKK. Awesome blog by BTW. I ‘braided’ my friends hair and she got super pissed cuz she looked like a moron. 😆


    PS~ I think blogz ran by teens are becoming more and more popular. KIDZ RULE!!! ADULTZ SUCK!

    shyshy6510:lol and thnx 🙂

  7. Ruby ele1997 Says:

    My hits are going down too. 😦

    shyshy6510:i think it is becuz of skool starting and crap

  8. bubba1960 Says:

    really! i NEVER get over forty! y dont u belive me!!!! 😦

    shyshy6510:i looked at your hits and one day u got over 40 oh yea booyah

  9. behemothfiles Says:

    my highest hist was 204 in days

    shyshy6510:your site is getting better and better everyday really

  10. empleongirl Says:

    yikes on the veiws! hope they will get higher! :mrgreen:

    shyshy6510:what and u think ur site’s any better yikes look at ur hits

  11. empleongirl Says:

    COME ON SHYSHY! I only started about 7 months ago. Thats a good reason why. and im not offending you gosh. i was just saying that i really hope they get higher, and i didnt even say anything about my site being better than yours. If im too bothersome, ill leave you alone if you want me too 😦

    shyshy6510;sorry i thought you were acting stuck-up and you thought your site as btr than mine which i wouldnt even care if ya did

  12. empleongirl Says:

    its ok. i bet my site is one of the worst sites in all blogging.

    shyshy6510:no i have saw some really crappy blogs and yours isnt one of them 4 sure

  13. empleongirl Says:

    Thanks shyshy! that meant alot to me. once by site was very BOR-RING!!! now im better at it. You should look at this blog kinda boring, and starsunmoon2 is one of my bffs in real life, and she doesnt even know how to take pics of cp and put them on her site. now I have to run her site for her.

    shyshy6510:i wouldn like other ppl running my site becuz u nvr know what they’ll say about you so when i quit im deleting my blog oh and also i’ll check out the site when i get home

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