Cp times issue 154 #


Here is the new issue of clubpenguin times out today!


Fall Fair Information!

Well everyone should know the Fall fair comes out tomorrow and most of all I am excited because this will be my first time going to it , but I have to go to school in the morning and when I get home I have to go to my mom’s house , but she has gotten her computer back so you might just see me on!

And it says that penguins with memberships are in for a treat! Wonder what that means?


More Fall Fun!!

Yearbook – there will be a new yearbook of course because this is going to be clubpenguin’s thrid anniversary of keeping the site up and running , who knows how long it will be up?

Igloo Decorating Contest –  each week there will be 10 grand prize winners and 10 runner up winners , you can win 25,000 coins or 15,000 watch out every week!

Secrets – this fall there will be some new and surprising secrets around clubpenguin!


Fan Art!

This is a realy cute picture I personally like and what is so cool about it is that the penguin who drew it dedicated it to other penguins!



September 26th – Fall Fair Fun. Fall Fair Begins! Featured!

October 3rd – new penguin style clothing catalog

October 10th – new play and it looks pretty cool!

October 17th – new better igloos catalog


Newspaper Cheat!

1.)open the newspaper
2.) goto page D1 (aunt arctic submissions)
3.)click on the paper on page D1 ( corner)











4.) click the paper with the message it will take you to page C2 (jokes) 
5.)click the red book held by the green penguin ( then click the paper that will pop up )

















6.) click the cookie held by the pink penguin then click the paper










7.) click the tv on page A5 (the last step will take you there) and then click the paper












8.)click on the tea cup on page B4 (you’ll be tooken there last step) then 






G’s got an announcement!

Be prepared for a secret mission!


also do you like this post because i do i think i make very detailed posts and I hate posts that don’t have a lot of words lol in them and don’t include very description of the words.

Update:after i saw the post i thought it looked crappy but just read the 1.) , 2.) , 3.) etc things and also there is 2 new vids ,elmo vid and weird al yanckovic vid,new vid under will  hatcher page , and new pnguin of the week sunday

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