New Newspaper and Updates


Well here is a update from the clubpenguin blog!

The fall fair ends in 3 days!



Hello Penguins!

Thanks for all your feedback about the special toy project that we announced on Monday! We’re thrilled that you’re so excited. 

I wanted to let you know the team updated today, so be sure to take a look. We revealed two penguin toys on Monday–a construction penguin and a cheerleader. 

Some of you have been asking what other characters there will be–today we revealed more! Here are two of the newest ones that we revealed – but there are more surprises on the sneakpeek page. Let us know what you think and what other penguins you’d like to see in the future!

product.jpgAlso, check out–you can download some cool sneak peek posters! We thought you would enjoy the extra sneak peek. 

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

And heer are some pictures from the clubpenguin sneak peek site for the new toys
sorry if you cant see that one that good 😦
Here is the front cover
the fall fair ends in 3 days and on page A3 are some pretty cool tips for getting more points on games – for members and non-members
Pages through A6 – 7 are about different fall fair items and some good things and some opinions about them.
There’s a bonus puzzle on page A8-9 about stage people
Now go to page A10 Puzzles:Word Search and click the letters PSA in the bottom right hand corner of the word search
Click PSA and then this should pop up
quote quote ” very soon ” most likely means next week
Space , It’s big , It’s dark, And it’s full of aliens play will start October 10th in 8 days
thats all for now -shyshy6510-
New video on vids page , new penguin of the week sunday i will be picking the penguin today , new poll,and last but not least , rockhopper is most likely returning soon

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