Newspaper Issue #156


Here is the cover of this weeks newspaper it talks mainly about the new play and the halloween party which is featured.



Halloween Party!

The halloween party starts October 29th until November 2nd which is about roughly 5 days plenty of time to celebrate though.

Check out The penguin clothing catalog for some cute and stylish or even spooky and scary costumes like the fairy or the ghost.I’m going to be the Fairy or the bee.


Igloo Decorating Contest

Is coming soon there will be more and better details in next weeks newspaper about the contest.

It’s going to be a Halloween themed igloo decorating contest it will be from October 17th – 26 which is plenty of time seriously.


New Play

New play coming tomorrow it is based on space it will be called Space Adventure : Planet Y


Fall Fair Review

Decorations:Many people liked the coffee shop because it turned into a candy shop and the ice berg which was like a play area you find at McDonalds in the US. The Puffle Paddle was a loved game also , it gave you a lot of coins. (My sister made thousands from that Puffle-O game where you fed them)

Games:Most people like the games because you could play them and still somewhat be connected to your friends and even compete head – to – head in who has the most tickets.

Prizes:I can tell you this penguins loved the Fall Fair Prizes , whether old or new it was definitely a challenge just getting enough tickets!

The decorations , games , and prizes overall were wonderful!



There is a cool tips and secrets column called “Penguins Play Your Way”

There are some funny jokes , I really can’t tell you which ones the silliest

There is a poem that is based on puffles and it very cool and creative that the author included how much it costs to feed a puffle and how much they cost

And there’s a one of those hard puzzle things that I have no idea how to solve , way to hard! 


Fan Art

I like this picture  , it was very well drawn and creative! Good job to whoever drew this picture! 🙂


Extra Extra Read All About It!

That’s crazy clubpenguin is turning three , my first pin was the UFO pin which was last year october and I am 337 days old!

The 3 year anniversary of clubpenguin is October 24th and I believe it’s only a day long.



October 10th – New PIn And New Play At Stage

October 17th – Better Igloo And Upgrades Is Being Updated For Halloween
                         Igloo Decorating Contest


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