New Stuff This Friday And New Play!


The pin is Here:

The microscope pin is at the Sports Shop.


New Stage Play Called Planet: Y

Cool new play some old costumes some old , my favorite costumes are the twin alien costumes Quip and Qua

And new background for everyone , just need 60 coins


Hello Penguins!

Did you check out the new play, Space Adventure: Planet Y, yet?  It starts today at The Stage. There’s even a cool new alien costume! We love how so many of you are using your creativity and the costumes all around Club Penguin!! We can’t wait to see how you use these new stage costumes, too.

NewAlienCostume.jpgIn Other News: A few of you have been asking about the 3rd Anniversary party because it’s coming up on October 24! We’ve got something planned and we hope you’re going to like it. But we’ll have more details about it as the day gets closer! There will be a special Saturday blog post tomorrow so check it out.

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

You can see  Rockhoppers ship from the beacon lighthouse thing  😆 and here’s a picture , he should be here in maybe like 3 weeks max.

13 Responses to “New Stuff This Friday And New Play!”

  1. bubba1960 Says:

    i have new vids! plz look!

  2. donuts11 Says:

    ok… I feel Real Special. ^^ <8
    Fave -i dont know wat u talkin 😐
    food-Lots Of Food!
    fast food place- Panda Express! :mrgreen:
    store-abercrombie and fitch lol dont judge the word.
    shoes-Airwalks and converse!
    cp clothing-Yellow Mexican Party Hat W/e It’s Called And Black Hoodie!
    stage play on cp- uh… hmmm… I dont kno.
    pin-picnic basket!
    game-gaiaonline! And Club Penguin
    fruit-I like all fruit except grapefruit. YUCK!!!!!!!!! 😛

    Oh Yea. I Have Two Pengs! Member: Mikel Myers And Non Member: Donuts 11 Please Find ME!!!!!
    I feel dumb.
    -Donuts 11
    random thing of the day…

    shyshy6510: okay ill add you sunday

  3. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    Thanks For The Comment on the header. I cant cheat on hits Youtube and WordPress wont count your hits. I have been added to sites with more hits than you and me combined! Like dollabills and DQ231.

    shyshy6510:if you log off and then go back to your site and keep on going back and forth it will count your hits because they don’t know it’ you and yea your header seriously rocks

  4. behemothfiles Says:

    donuts is cp penguin of the week 😮

    shyshy6510:maybe idk yet because diva ctas said i stole some of her pictures and she was supposed to be penguin of the week but now she isnt just becaue of that and ifound all of those funny pictures off of google and sites that dont post anymore so obviously they stole her pictures before i did! and yes don7ts is penguin of the week starting sunday

  5. mmopuk Says:

    Nice Post! 😀

    Comment back by clicking the name! 😉

    P.S: Comment on the page marked “270 Funny Pictures.”


    shyshy6510:thanks and I always comment back so there isn’t any need to ask i mean like why would you ask?

  6. gardenax Says:

    Wow Shyshy thanks for the alphainventions thing. I finally beat my record of 5 people on my site! I had 7! I did it a lot for the past few weeks and nothing came up but 4 people on. Now this morning I only use alpha once and I was busy with other stuff, then when I refreshed my page I got 7 people on and 23 hits in one morning!

    shyshy6510:lol a lot of people go to that and enter their site because when it pops up they count it as a hit

  7. gardenax Says:

    Or could it be something else? Cuz I also make 36 hits this morning without knowing!

    shyshy6510:see your doing better

  8. gardenax Says:

    It’s something else! I already had 5 viewers last night at 7:00 when I wasn’t on!


  9. gardenax Says:

    Omg this morning I made 250 something hits off alpha!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510:i just entered my site back on there

  10. gardenax Says:

    I know… read it off my site.

    shyshy6510:read what off your site

  11. gardenax Says:

    WTF! I saw a site called OhS**ttt that blogs at wordpress. Weird blog.


  12. gardenax Says:

    When you entered your site on alpha.

    shyshy6510:oh and i just re entered it so ha ill start getting more hits to

  13. pinkypie282 Says:

    cool!I love this sight!!!

    shyshy6510:thnx 😀

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