Elite Penguin Force Ds Game


The ds game elite penguin force will be out in 29 days which is like a month but still so close! They have came out with a ds game sticker that you put on the outside and inside of your ds , shows your a  real fan obviously.


Click here to buy it now!

It’s only 9.99$ and the usual price is like 20.00$ for a screen sticker thing.


You can play a new game in the dance club, in this game you must follow the steps to receive your penguin coins.

In the upper screen, your player card shows and the room your in. In the bottom screen you can walk around the room and play games. Also the the bottom screen is the touch screen so you can play games with the DS pen.

As you can see, the controls of the game are in the bottom screen and the action is on the upper screen.

Here is another picture of the beacon, in this place you can play jet pack adventure.

Here is a picture of a penguin playing the jet pack adventure.

You can go to the pizza parlor and make your own pizza and also buy your own pizza.

Here is the latest picture revealed, the new nintendo DS cover – Club Penguin: Elite penguin force cover

That is all from  http://penguincheatscp.com/ which is mohd222’s site




9 Responses to “Elite Penguin Force Ds Game”

  1. Cool Dude999 Says:

    Looks cool! But I like CP online better because you can talk to other penguins from around the world!

  2. Cool Dude999 Says:

    I MIGHT get it!

    shyshy6510:me to!

  3. gardenax Says:

    There I made over 10,000 hits than you!

    shyshy6510:oh shut up

  4. donuts11 Says:


  5. gardenax Says:

    Pudding Pie Cake!


  6. gardenax Says:


  7. gardenax Says:

    Cheese and Waffles!

    shyshy6510:super ew

  8. gardenax Says:

    Gardena here! I am planning on creating a play on club penguin. Or better yet why not create a movie! I haven’t scheduled a time yet cause I’m not sure if everyone will want to participate in it. It is gonna be a new to this site. We don’t know how many characters for it, cuz we need an idea to make a movie. Admins are also invited. I don’t know what are the rewards I’ll have to ask one of the admins or someone who gives rewards. We are also hiring a few non-members and lots of members. So be at least 150 days old. We do not want hackers! Here are the people we are looking for:director, people create a special effect, background music person, producers, writer, and other things.

    For more infor check out: http://globalsavior.wordpress.com/

    shyshy6510:i would like 2 participate

  9. empleongirl Says:

    I have a DS so i might b able to get it to! oh and my mom got a magizine and it tells you whst kids are saying and what they meen. so now my mim nos what peeps and EVERYTHING else means that we say! oh well i guess

    shyshy6510:lol what’d they say about clubpenguin?

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