Newspaper issue #157!


Well let’s see here is the new newspaper I will be posting a rockhopper post next!
-Also Fever’s blog is still suspended and I personally think that the wordpress people either don’t like him or he is doing something really bad that is getting on their nerves. 


Here is the cover!

It mainly covers something about an eclipse , the 3rd year anniversary! , some cool puffle paradise and a snow business article by aunt arctic!


3rd year anniversary party info!

Well most of us are very very happy about this particular thing :

2 extra days to party or celebrate either one ?

-New yearbook
-Rockhopper arrives in time


Things that have happened this year

-Coins for change
-Stage built
-Yellow puffles joined us in shops
-Re-building the Migrator!

Last but not least they say it was the year of friendship which somewhat is sympathetic. LoL 


Halloween stuff!

Gary the agent guy has been inspecting and he thinks that this year might be a little more sunny than spooky? There might not be a eclipse which will make it a lot more sunnier which means it wont be spooky!

-Halloween decorating contest!

Check out the better igloos catalog for some spooky furnishings for your lovely or crazy igloo! Judges will be looking for crazy , stylish , spooky and especially spooky igloos!

Here are the details!


Fan Art!

Super funny LoL 😆




  igloo decorating contest

  anniversary party , celebrate year 3!
  new pin 

   halloween Party!

  new snow and sports catalog , Finally!


Hope you like the post and feel free to comment



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