this is for my other site but i still want you to come!

Hello penguins! I will be haveing a 25,000 hits pary on 10-25-08 at 10:30 penguin time. It will be on fjord. Meet at the dock. Hope to see you there!



2 Responses to “Party”

  1. Bellerophont Says:


    Bellerophont here!

    Here are the details about me :


    color- Blue

    animal- Penguin

    restaurant- Casa Di Pasta

    food- Pizza

    fast food place- KFC

    website- or

    store- Cosmos

    shoes- Sport

    cp clothing- Black Color, Orange Hair, Blue Hoddie, Orange Sohes, Pink School Bag, Red Guitar

    stage play on cp- Ruby and the Ruby

    pin- Snow Shovel Pin

    game- Mancala

    drink- Pina Colada

    fruit- watermelon

    ice cream flavor- Cookies

    free item on cp- Tour Hat

    subject in school- Maths

    book- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    halloween costume- I dont know yet!

    Have fun!


    shyshy6510:thanks you will be penguin of the week starting sunday around 6:30pm eastern time

  2. Bellerophont Says:

    Also here is a link of my penguin picture!

    shyshy6510:okay i saved it

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