Cp stuff duh’


Man it is so hard to come up with new titles LoL but seriously.



Hello Penguins! 

Thanks for your great feedback about the upcoming 3rd Anniversary celebrations starting this Friday. We’re glad you’re excited! So are we. 

Today is the last day you can request an invitation for the Times Square, New York party. Invitations will be sent by email to the winners on Tuesday! Check out clubpenguin.com/celebrate for details about the event.

Space is limited at the party in New York and not everyone who applied for an invitation can receive one.  But we want everyone to celebrate together, so remember to check out the party in Club Penguin to watch the live broadcast!!all_toys.jpgIn Other News: In all the excitement about the Anniversary party, I didn’t want to forget to update you on the toys! Check out  clubpenguin.com/sneakpeek to see all the toys that will be available starting on October 24! You’ll see them in a few different places throughout North America, including Toys R Us, Disney Stores, Disney Theme Parks and, of course, the Club Penguin Shop online. 
As always we’d love to hear what you like and what you hope to see in the future! 

Until then… Waddle on!!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 20 2008 03:26 | Comments (0)

You should enter the contest i didn’t because I know I would never be able to go so why waste my time.
The Halloween page will be coming soon , so check it out when it is here , it might be here tonight so check back often.
New postcards!
and here is another one that has to do with Rockhopper coming!
New Poll!
Well I am going to stop putting polls on my sidebar and just put them on the post so here it goes….
and look at this picture
I personally think it’s a good look for her.
I am going to make a Halloween page and a Where is it? page  .
Update:I have made both pages go check them out!

8 Responses to “Cp stuff duh’”

  1. Justrokstar Says:

    Cool. Still Looking For Rh? Im Bored…

    shyshy6510:no and i am on http://bellerophont.wordpress.com scroll all the way down and you see blog directory , that’s what im doing right now.adding my blog to get ranked

  2. und3ro4th97 Says:

    Cool post ya got there! I like your site!


    shyshy6510:thnx i like urs 2

  3. DIVACATS Says:

    Hey shy your blog is 10,000 something thats how much its worth not 999,999,999 or waseva you put 😀 lol!

    shyshy6510:that is such and insult!

  4. I Rok Dude Says:

    shut up divacats youre being mean :/

    shyshy6510:i know

  5. desi Says:

    um divacats that was kinda mean…..

    shyshy6510:it was really mean and she can shut up i aint saying nothing bad about her site but maybe i should huh

  6. desi Says:

    well, do what you think is best….

    shyshy6510:k shall take ur advice LoL

  7. desi Says:

    =) lol you seam very nice!

    shyshy6510: thnx xD

  8. PufferLover Says:

    well you seem very two faced desi and roc dude, wot do you see thats mean? anyways DIVA dont need “friends” like you guys gosh I wouldnt like to have peeps like you around, and shyshy is a trouble maker cant you see that? jeolously ,hmmmmmmmmmmm

    shyshy6510:jealousy her site sucks mine is way btr wth r u even on my site if ur here to start drama? wth

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