Rockhopper is Here!


hey people new news from someone , watex got his site temporarily shut down because he was posting about how to get free stuff from that site , he never really posted after he posted about that site , well anyways on his temporary blog he says that wordpress might shut down his site forever because of that one post , but look , listen , what i don’t understand is how can the boy have a temp. site with 6 posts , usually 4 people on at a time , and 91,000 hits! I hate him and I heard from someone he is 15?What 15 year old plays clubpenguin that is so immature!!


Rockhopper is here and here is me on his awesomeness boat!


Hey go on his boat , go to the lower deck and then go towards the Pirate Treasure sign  , this should pop-up if it doesn’t then that means you need to go farther.

The Sea-Worthy dress is fairly cute on penguins , if your a girl penguin and your bald , I mean you must wear hair no hats , it makes you seem very fat if your bald! No offense bald ladies LoL


Here are new Halloween things you can buy!

and new things you can buy for your igloo

and you can now get music for your igloo for halloween , if you have a stereo


Please visit this site my grandma was watching the news and she told me to type that in and that website is awesome it shows everyday places , that look like faces , or everyday things.

I am also going to be making a halloween page no i didn’t get the idea from anyone else and if i did it will be nothing like theirs.You will see what the halloween page will be like when I make it.



3 Responses to “Rockhopper is Here!”

  1. Justrokstar Says:

    who? i made 103 hits today! 🙂

    shyshy6510:good job!

  2. DIVACATS Says:

    cool 😀

    I made 200 something I’m happy for you and for my self also Shyshy I really think Watex is a hacker and that he was banned from hacking!!!!!!!!

    BTW Shy your doing great with you hits way 2 go girl!

    shyshy6510:THNX xD also he wasn’t banned for hacking he was getting free stuff from this website like free memberships and clubpenguin items all you do is fill out this form and then your address and they send the stuff to you , i think theres a catch to it but anyways wordpress found out and may archive his blog who knows?

  3. $$XoXo**Funkylover$XoXo!الوو Says:

    Hey Shyshy thanks for commenting on my site 😀 😀 😀 .

    I’m adding you as an Author on my site ok?


    shyshy6510:umm thnx but i have a lot of stuff to do here so dont expect me to make posts regularly or daily

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