Updates on site and Other!


1.)New Halloween Page Temporary!
2.)New where,what,why, and how page where you guess what the image is following directions obviously.
3.)Deleted Random Page and Forum seeing that no one even makes new posts on 123kde’s site anymore.
4.)New header as most of you have seen made by Billi4d at http://billi4d.wordpress.com
5.)Updated 200 facts page to 220 facts
6.)I have met 2 new people on cp , cooldude999 and Carvnick which is Bubba1960’s spare penguin while he is banned for 3 days.
7.) Watex’s site is probably closed forever! Oh well not my problem xD
8.)Having 15,000 Hits party when we get to 14,500 hits , I am going to make an invitation (draw) and then I’ll take a picture of it with my webcam and then post it.
9.) Deleting Will Hatcher page.
10.)Obama won the kids pick the president , at http://nick.com/kpp
11.)Deleting people off of my blogroll who don’t get many hits and who I am so not getting advertisement off of , if I delete you from my blogroll i will comment at your site saying so.
12.)The where,what,why and how page winner cannot win because they have entered in 2 websites , dont have their own , and entered a fake email so i can’t email them saying so.
13.)Here’s a poll because it may sound lame but hey maybe you just wanna know?

The dictionary page would allow you to ask me what a word means , I would look it up , and then post it on the page , it will be ready either that same night , or the next day depending on the next time I get on.

That’s all for now!

3 Responses to “Updates on site and Other!”

  1. Justrokstar Says:

    Cool. 😉


  2. nochia1016 Says:

    Heyyy ShyShy!
    How ya doing!
    im bored and tired.
    i like the darkness of your blog! it’s like awesome.
    lol. im-a bored-a.
    i still hope that we could meet on CP sometime.
    maybe if possible but most likely never, we could run into each other. somehow. lol
    I’m always on White House, like (PST time) from 4-10. =D
    im probably found with a bunch of ppl in the cove, mine shack, forest or light house beacon. im not sure, lol.
    hear from ya later.

    shyshy6510:oh well i get on w/e server my friends are one which is usually frozen. sorry and thnx for comment

  3. Nochia Says:

    oh. oh well, we’ll meet each other someday lol.
    i think never…
    but. ok. im just like always in White House, Im not sure why…
    ur welcome. =D

    shyshy6510:k im usually in frozen

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