3rd Year Anniversary Party!


Here is all the 3rd year anniversary party information!


New Pin!

Here is the new pin located in the upstairs of the dance club.

It’s the cake , can’t ya tell?


Free Items Including Party Hat!

Here is the easiest free item , the blue apron , to bad I already have it , because to many old items are coming back.

The blue apron is at the coffee shop on the floor near steps.

Here is the cheat for the Party Hat!

Go to the coffee shop and turn on the fan –

It should run for a couple of seconds then it will knock the down the top part of the cake revealing what we know as the Party Hat!


New Yearbook!

Here is the front cover of the new yearbook!


I will be updating my pic with parties page later and be adding some pictures to there!

Hope you have fun because I sure am!



4 Responses to “3rd Year Anniversary Party!”

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  2. behemothfiles Says:

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