Issue # 158!


Here is the front cover for you all.


Rockhopper News!

Rockhopper is staying for the 3rd anniversary which is so great.

Here is just a shorter more understandable version of what he said:

CPT:Why such a bug grin?
RH:Arr I have a prize in store for ye. I will be staying for your 3rd anniversary story.I’ll be celebrating with ye.

CPT:Anything your looking forward to at the party?
RH: Those pointy looking party hats and the yearbooks , I’ll be heading towards the bookroom.

CPT:What have you been up to?
RH: Treasure hunting and adventure seeking , I’ll be bringing back my new wares (thing he found for sale) to share with ye.

CPT:If you were a piece of fruit in a fruit bowl , which piece would you be?
RH: A pineapple , at home with a spiky temper.

CPT:Who would win between a giant octopus and a penguin in a game of Rockhopper says?
RH:Arr that be a silly question , octopuses get to tentacle-tied to play these games.

CTP:We’ve heard rumors they ye be sailing back home soon.When will you be back.
RH: I set sail October 26th in 2 months time I’ll be back.

Spooky Igloo Winners Announced!

There are some spooky winners announced , you’ll have to look for yourself because there are to many to name , unfortunately I didn’t win , BOO Hoo , so sad.Anyways here are some little things out of there houses that made them unique and obviously win.


A Storm is Brewing!

Some penguins were looking through the binoculars at the cove and noticed that there is a huge thunderstorm coming in on us clubpenguians.To bad.It is usually always raining where I live for Halloween so I am not bothered one bit.



There are 2 great questions , do puffles have claws , and what was the first cp party?

The first Cp party was a halloween party they said that they didn’t even decorate half as much as we did , so I guess we are sorta overdoing it LoL.

Puffles don’t have claws but they don’t have hands either.So if their back itches , do you want them to rin your beautiful furniture (members)  or do you want them to go around your house trying , and trying to itch their back.That is why you buy a scratching post.Here is the picture , it is so cute look at the black and pink puffle compared.



Here are the events:

24th:new pin (tomorrow)
29th:Halloween Party!

5th:fireworks (wonder why)
7th:penguin style catalog update

CORRECTION:Snow and Sports Catalogs update is postponed! 

Here is the picture you get when you finish the crossword puzzle in the newspaper and my ending .

bye for now and hope you have a happy halloween!


3 Responses to “Issue # 158!”

  1. Justrokstar Says:

    Cool. Can’t Wait!

    shyshy6510:me either!

  2. 123kde (not logged in) Says:

    heyy srry about all of everything but ummmmm look my site is temperarely closed

    for updates so could u not post on it 4 awhile intill its back up and please put it back on your blogroll sooo bye 4 now

    shyshy6510:sorry no can do waste of space and it’s temporary down super waste also don’t add me back or ill tell wordpress to just delete me again

  3. 123kde (not logged in) Says:

    so u dont want to be an author on my site no more?

    <:( fine ok i guess this is goodbye…

    BUT if you change your mind ill allways let u back on my blogroll AND make u an admin again but only if you want….

    shyshy6510:okay fine with me

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