Stuff about me AND cp toys!


Okay well people I went trick-or-treating yesterday.I was pretty surprised a lot of people knew about it even though i was on the front page of the newspaper.Well I went to my friend’s slumber/halloween/birthday party friday.So fun and she got 280.00$ for her birthday but her mom owes her 60.00$ on payday.We went to the mall and we got japanese from the food court I got fried rice and orange chicken so good.Me and my sisiter just finished the last 2 pieces of chicken.Umm saturday I came home from my friends birthday party and she came back over at 4:30 pm . I had to get ready and stuff and we had a lot of fun and my best friend from 3rd grade and 4th grade called me.We talked a lot about what we were doing and I had her on speaker phone while I was trying to straighten my hair which didn’t work out to well.Saturday we went trick or treating which was so fun , well besides some of the people we went with oh well I got candy and that’s all that matters.Also I really love black nail polish it just looks so good on my nails , I am going to start wearing it to school and I have learned how to straighten my hair really fast.So I am going to wear my hair in pigtails and straighten the bottom for school.

Cp Suff

These are some book cheats-

The Ultimate Official Guide To Clubpenguin -Try to find this question: What word is on page 101 , 4 words from the left on line 8 ?


You get a book item & 1500 coins.

Stowaway Adventures at Sea book-Try to find tis question:What word is on page 25 , 3 words from the left on line 20?


You get 2000 coins!

Info from :


the clubpenguin ds game comes out in 8 days

New penguin of the week

Updated halloween page

That’s all hope you like he post!


3 Responses to “Stuff about me AND cp toys!”

  1. maddie98 Says:

    Hey shyshy how can i put the hits on my page. lol i’m kinda new to wordpress

    shyshy6510:go to design and then widgets , scroll down and you’ll see blog stats , add it and then press save

  2. behemothfiles Says:

    it no waork the first book cheat it does the same question over and over again.It hates me

    shyshy6510:me to

  3. maddie98 Says:

    ok i got it come to my site

    shyshy6510:? okay

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