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Here is a post , posted by the clubpenguin people.


Hello Penguins!    

Some of you have said that the Halloween Party is your very favorite party in Club Penguin and we hope you’re ready with your costumes and spooky decorations — because this year’s Halloween Party in Club Penguin begins Wednesday!!

halloween.jpgThere’s going to be cool decorations, a scavenger hunt, and lots of spooky surprises for you and your penguin friends to discover!! Let us know your hauntingly creative plans. For those of you who already have a toy and a code to redeem for online items, I wanted to let you know that the pumpkin basket item will be available for everyone at the Halloween Party. If you’ve got a code and you miss getting it at the party, even after the party is over, you’ll be able to unlock it from this Treasure Book.

In Other News: On Thursday, the final 20 winners of the igloo decorating contest will be announced in the newspaper! Winners will get a very special limited edition postcard delivered by Penguin Mail!

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 27 2008 01:12 | Comments (62)

The free item coming out is the pumpkin basket , repeat ………..



Main Idea:The  Halloween Party start Wednesday. There will be a lot of activities for us penguins to do and if you miss the party and have a code to redeem one of the free items will be available . The winners for the clubpenguin contest will receive a special postcard from Billybob. (oh wow a postcard , just what I always wanted xD  )

Updated:Christmas Page is updated and Rockhopper is has left the coastline .

Cheats for codes-

I don’t know if the answers are capitalized or  not .

Stowaway Books –

If it asks a ? about page

21 = Migrator

25 = Yarr

80 = Penguin

Official Guide To Clubpenguin  –

  ( there are 2 questions with 101 ) page 101 4 words from the left on line 8  = Donated

177 = Puffle

With the Book codes you can only get a book for your cp penguin and some coins.

It took me about 2 minutes to find a page ( it is easier to go to the stowaway book ) , but anyways I finally found it , it awarded me a book and 1,500 coins , here is a picture.


To watch the 3rd year Anniversary party in New York Times Square  go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/ny_video.htm


Treasure Book –

Here are items you can choose to unlock once you have entered the code.

  • Spikestar Wig
  • Star T-Shirt
  • Black Electric Guitar
  • Black Sneakers
  • Pumpkin Basket
  • Ghost Costume
  • Frankenpenguin Hat
  • Frankenpenguin Costume
  • Princess Hat
  • Fairy Wings
  • Magic Wand
  • Princess Costume
  • Coral Crown
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Mermaid Outfit
  • Black Scuba Mask
  • Scuba Tanks
  • Wetsuit
  • Yellow Flippers
  • Golf Hat
  • Coffee Apron
  • Brown Sandals
  • Hardhat
  • Safety Vest
  • Hiking Boots
  • Firefighter Hat
  • Firefighter Jacket
  • Rubber Boots
  • Chef Hat
  • Pizza Apron
  • Black Glasses
  • Reporter Camera
  • Blue Superhero Mask
  • Blue Cape
  • Shadow Guy Costume
  • Space Helmet
  • Orange Space Suit
  • Alien Mask
  • Alien Suit
  • Funster Wig
  • Red Pompom
  • Red Cheerleader Outfit
  • Soccer Ball
  • Red Soccer Jersey
  • Red Puffle
  • Green Puffle
  • Pink Puffle
  • Yellow Puffle
  • Black Puffle
  • Purple Puffle
  • Blue Puffle
  • Brown Skater Hat
  • Pink Skater Hat
  • MP3000
  • Yellow Cape
  • Green Bunny Slippers
  • White Parka
  • 500 Coins

List from : http://billi4d.wordpress.com/

Here is a Treasure Book cheats

I Have Found A Cool Cheat! It’s From The Treasure Book! Click On The Link To View For Yourself!

The Cheat Is On How To Get The Winged Helmet!

To Get The Winged Viking Helmet, All You Need Is To Go To The Adventure Page. And Click On The Window To The Left, The Second Window Above The Green Alien Suit Hand.

Here’s A Picture. My Crusor Is On The Place To Click:


Here’s The Picture After When You Click The Window.

-Justrokstar ;)

Info From : http://justrokstar.wordpress.com/

That’s all have more cheats or any more info I would love to add it to this post and give you credit ofcourse

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  1. Justrokstar Says:

    I Work With Watex Now :mrgreen:

    shyshy6510:that isn’t watex’s real site that is a guy that watex said could make a site using his name and a wordpress account using his name that’s not him

  2. maddie98 Says:

    Shyshy thats just unfair. We’ve only had our blog for less then a month.

    shyshy6510:well umm i have rules and viewers are supposed to follow them , rules are that u must have a certain number of hits in order to be in my blogroll , 5 people have been taken off because they haven’t been getting hits

  3. I Rok Dude Says:

    hey you asked to be my buddie on cp justrokstar

    shyshy6510:he is my friend on cp , we have been friends , he is on a lot

  4. Crysatal97 Says:

    Most that post doesn’t make any sense! 😆

    shyshy6510: LoL

  5. Cool Dude999 Says:

    Wow ShyShy you’re outfit is cool =)

    shyshy6510:Thanks! =-)

  6. $$XoXo**Funkylover$XoXo!الوو Says:

    Hiya Shy are you really Shy? Just kidding 😛

    shyshy6510:yea ha ha don’t act like your friends with me because best believe your idiot self isn’t , remember I don’t talk to idiots so that means you!

  7. $$XoXo**Funkylover$XoXo!الوو Says:

    I like your outfit it really suits your name this site rox!!

    shyshy6510: yea LoL thanks … NOT!

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