Halloween Party!!!!!!


The Halloween Party is here , but hurry up it is only here for _ _ I don’t know ? It says Halloween Party 29th in the newspaper  maybe it is only here for a day who knows ?

There is a so awesome Scavenger Hunt , but get the pumpkin basket before you start. Remember that if you don’t make it to the Halloween party , but have a code ( from a toy ) you could get the pumpkin basket from there.

Here is the Pumpkin basket located at the Snow Forts !

Well To Start The Scavenger Hunt I Will Have Step – By – Step Steps To Help You And Fellow penguins !

=-) =-) =-) =-) =-) !!!!!!!! (-= (-= (-= (-= (-= (-=

1.Here’s a treat you can tag . When you lower a blue flag. Chocolate Bar .

The 1st piece of candy is at the Snow Forts . Click the blue flag , it will go down and come back up as a piece of candy.

2.This candy treat is out of sight . Above a dancing , in a light . Candy Corn .

The 2nd piece of candy is located inside a lamp in the lounge , upstairs of the dance area .

3. Besides three candles lit aflame , beside a blue box near a competitive game . Lollipop .

The 3rd piece of candy is located at the upstairs of the ski lodge to your right when you first get up there.

4.Bubble bubble toil and trouble , we’ll have candy stew on the double . Bubble Gum .

The 4th piece of candy is located at the plaza , click the cauldron and a piece of bubble gum should pop up.

5. This treat can swim just fine , until it read the warning sign . Pumpkin candy .

The 5th piece of candy is located at the cove . You have to click the sign ( picture below ) and the piece of candy will bounce onto the the surf shop.

6. You’ll see this candy from afar , it is amongst the color in the stars. Toffee .

The 6th piece of candy is located at the Iceberg . You have to click the 1 of the 6 star points and they connect and make some shape . The candy will appear inside.

7.On a tower way up high , wait for 3 flashes in the sky. Caramel Apple .

The 7th piece of candy is located at the the lighthouse beacon ( the top ) . Go up there wait for 3 flashes in the sky and then in the pumpkins eye you should see a caramel apple swing by , it will stop click it then. 

8.Find this treat in a book to end the game. What’s the secret of the Emerald Flame ? Green Licorice .

The 8th piece of candy is located at the upstairs of coffee place . Go upstairs and then touch the book , and then a green piece of licorice maybe candy should roll to the middle of page .


When your done doing the whole scavenger hunt , you get a giant pumpkins background.

There is a Members only place , go to the book room and click the emerald flame .

You get a free lantern all you members!



Hope you like post!

Visit Again =-)


5 Responses to “Halloween Party!!!!!!”

  1. behemothfiles Says:


    shyshy6510:thnx =-)

  2. behemothfiles Says:


    shyshy6510:thnx =-)

  3. ¨"°º¤juanuaci¸„ø¤º°"¨ Says:

    shyshy its just your friends that view

    shyshy6510:see now this is a super hater right here juanuaci!

  4. Dexter333 Says:

    u SHOULD go to the dojo and wait for the ninjas!!!


    its strange!!!

    shyshy6510:um okay , omg you didn’t sign your comment ! lol u always sign it

  5. Ruby Ele1997 Says:

    Rare penguin Commenting contest on my site, with the first pin , so click my name!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510:rasnail won he has 104 comments out of 106

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