Just Stuff LoL =-) Oh and Newspaper


Well first of all please come to my party this Sunday here is the information .

I will be adding people , and taking many pictures if our iMac is fixed by then .

Date-November 2nd , this Sunday
Place- my igloo which will  be opened on map
Time- 3:45 p.m. PST
Server- Deep Freeze (usually low server )

Please make it or R.S.V.P if you can even

Second of all , have you saw on the side where all my widgets are? Under How Long Have I Had This Site there is my banner , simple , but very advertising . It is light blue and says shyshy6510 , if you click it while your on my site it just refreshes the page , but when your on someone elses and you click it , it’s like a road runner to my sites homepage! I absolutely love it , great and I mean great way of advertising! =-) . I got it from a girl who commented at my site and I asked her if she could make me one and she did , and no I cannot reveal her e-mail or site name . She has a Piczo site though and that’s all I’m telling.

~If you want to advertise my site with my link me button , please comment saying you want it , and give me your banner html also , if it doesn’t show up in the comment and ask me for my e-mail  (sometimes html’s show up in spam ) and you can e-mail me it ~

Third of all there is something wrong with our iMac and of course  it just had to be weird and freaking messed up when I was planning a party  , but don’t worry the show must go on . When you click Safari which means like internet explorer on there a question mark pops up over it and says something isn’t connected . We don’t know what isn’t connected , my grandma checked many of things , but we still don’t know what . Well hopefully that is fixed by 6:45 p.m. PST (time for me of the party , Eastern Time ) for me tomorrow!

Just other stuff-
The Halloween Party is still here



Sorry I can’t post pictures because my iMac is down .

-Lots of Halloween tips!
-More igloo winners announced
-Some tips about the lightning
-A new play Nov.21 the writers have come down with Writer’s Block and can’t get a good idea
-Did you know  – all about Halloween!
-Aunt Arctic – 1 question is a repeat the other is truly new
-Secrets to Great Halloween Costume tips
-Critique of Halloween Party
-Jokes and Riddles
-Bonus Puzzle , Rad Scientist’s lab!
-Fan comics and Poetry
Oct. 29th – Nov. 2nd – Halloween Party
Nov 5th-6th – Firework Celebration
Nov 7th – New penguin clothes and wigs
Nov 7th – 20 – New pin

NEW GOOGLE PICTURE http://google.com


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