Thanksgiving Project!


Yea your probably thinking why and the heck is shyshy already posting about Thanksgiving ? Well for math class we have a Thanksgiving project and all I need is one thing from you . What do you eat for Thanksgiving . For our project we have to make a menu including , appetizers , beverages , main dish , and something else . We also have to add up how much all the stuff will cost , and how much it will cost for each person . There is another step , but I forget it LoL . =-) . Don’t forget tomorrow is my 15,000 Hit party and to keep on visiting for updates =-) xD .

Sunday Nov.2nd
Deep Freeze
3:45 p.m. PST look at the clock tower in snow forts
My igloo , it will be open !

Please come and I will be advertising my party that way we get more people , I don’t wanna be lonely .



12 Responses to “Thanksgiving Project!”

  1. Cca Says:

    Ok ill advertise it on every site i know 😀

    shyshy6510:thanks i would so appreciate it

  2. gardenax Says:

    I think I can make it to your party! And the thanksgiving project maybe change your header to it. If you plan it on your site.

    shyshy6510:it really is a project for school and my next header is either going to be thanksgiving or christmas i dont know yet

  3. Crysatal97 Says:

    Down in Australia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving! Or Halloween for that matter! Wired huh?

    shyshy6510:super weird

  4. :::: Wigz 'n' Zebbie :::: Says:

    ok we’ll try to email you as soon as possible for the widget exchange!! 😉

    shyshy6510:okay , i can’t give u the html until like sunday sometime because our iMac is messing up

  5. marianlilac Says:

    Uhm turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy ,cresent rolls, green beans , pumpkin pie, and sweet tea or apple cider

    shyshy6510:same 4 me without apple cider , crescent rolls thats all i found some more info

  6. gardenax Says:

    Superman weird!


  7. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy please I need your help. Malico quitted blogging! Please advertize his site.

    shyshy6510:k I’ll try

  8. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy is Watex’s blog still suspended? Cause it says so on mine.

    shyshy6510:yea it is

  9. 123kde (not logged in) Says:

    please click

    (edited link)

    shyshy6510:dude you are the most childish person i know , i would rather yell at someone then say oh , you’ve been bitten

  10. 123kde (not logged in) Says:

    im hungry please so hungry click to feed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    (edited link)

    shyshy6510:dude you are the most childish person i know , i would rather yell at someone then say oh , you’ve been bitten

  11. gardenax Says:

    Ha that was so froken funny.


  12. shawn1202 Says:


    shyshy6510:um yea , I know that much lol

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