Obama Won!


Obama won here are the results.

                            Barack Obama – John McCain  –     Total       – Meaning
Elecoral Votes –  349                  -162                – 511             – you need 270 atleast to win
Popular Votes –  63,687,862       – 56,283,889   – 19,971,751 – how many people voted
% Of Vote       –  52%                   –   46%              – 98%            –  %,how many people voted for them

Go to this site for more information . http://news.yahoo.com/election/2008/dashboard

10 Responses to “Obama Won!”

  1. marianlilac Says:

    im so sad!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510:i read on-line that 70% of black people only voted for obama because he is black which is like so racist to whites

  2. Cca☺ Says:

    gulchi.wordpress.com (edited)

    shyshy6510:you know i have a advertisement page! duh’ lol j/p I’ll let it slide this time but im not makingit a link.

  3. Nochia Says:

    We had a mock election, and by 584 votes, or so… Obama won at our school. LOL.

    shyshy6510:lol ours too , but like by 270 votes lol

  4. heatblast378 Says:


    shyshy6510:next comment like this is being deleted!!!! do it on the advertisement page , if it’s there i wont edit it!

  5. marianlilac Says:


    shyshy6510:i wonder what the next four years are going to be like? =-(

  6. marianlilac Says:

    yeah i know it is racist


  7. marianlilac Says:

    lol i already posted and said i was sad but w/e im sad!!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510:u have a site what is it?

  8. Cool Dude999 Says:

    I am sad for mccain because he may have cancer! and Washington DC was 93% votes to obama. not lying about mccain

    shyshy6510:i know that is so wrong this girl who is really like fat , but i was cool with her , my friend said who wants this orange juice and she said “me.me” and so i said surprise surprise , just playing around and all , she snatched the orange juice and got up,she called me racist because i said 70% of the people who voted for obama only voted for him because he is black , i said that like a month ago and she had the nerve to bring it up and then all her ugly turtle franklin lookin friends was like that is so racist and she was like “no honey because people voted for obama because we need a change” and i was like exactly! because he is black and + he ain’t even black he is mixed so wtf is up with all these lame retarded 7th graders

  9. Cool Dude999 Says:

    I meant lying.

  10. Cool Dude999 Says:

    I am sick of typing ‘formal’ so im gunna rite like this from now on. ok?

    shyshy6510:okay =-)

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