Here is a sneak peek posted on the cp blog , about the upcoming things tomorrow . Also I get my report card tomorrow in home room , do you  , if so it would be cool if you told me your grades , and I can so tell by the way you write on your sites , your comments and a lot of other stuff.

Here is the sneak peek.


Hello Penguins!

There’s some great clothing coming out this Friday in Penguin Style, and also new wigs in the Big Wigs catalog — some exciting stuff you’ll be able to get for your penguin to help celebrate the winter season! Here’s a sneak peek of something you’ll see on Friday:

catalogpeek.jpgLet us know what other winter items you’re hoping to see!

In Other News: In honor of the special Guy Fawkes Day in the UK, as well as all the celebrations that are held for all kinds of reasons around the world, fireworks will be up in Club Penguin later today and on all day tomorrow! It’s fun to be able to celebrate the cool things in lots of different countries.

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team 

By BillyBob on November 05 2008 08:30 | Comments (51)

Also the fireworks are here but they will onyl be here from November 5th – 6th ! Why so little days ? You can see the fireworks from the iceberg and the Ski Hill . Also something I noticed about the map was that they made the Ski Hill and Ski Village two seperate parts , so now it is much more easier to click there.
Other news:
Our iMac is still down , my grandma is going to get a new cord , wire , w/e lol , tomorrow . We might go to best buy which is near toys r us . If she takes me maybe i can buy some cp stuff and the sims:life series for mac at toys r us . if you have a sims game that can work on mac , comment , and rate it because i really don’t know which one to get , there are tons!
-That’s all for now folks –
There will be no penguin of the week this week or next week due to computer problems .

One Response to “Sneak-Peak”

  1. donuts11 Says:

    lol. wow. 😀 im bored right now…

    shyshy6510:same here

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