More Dojo News!


Here are some places you can find some more dojo news!!!!

I have gotten all the pictures from this post at : : awesome site!

Here is a picture from the ski mountain . I don’t know when the ninja comes , but I believe for every place it is every 5 minutes starting at EX: 6:55 or 6:00 ending with 0 or 5

Go to the nightclub and press the giant yellow ” N ” . A NINJA will apear , so crazy , it is like it isn’t even a secret anymore. LoL there are so many so called ” cheats ” that we all know there are going to be NINJAS!

The guy at the Dojo’s name is ?????? , 6 question marks . Sensei has 6 letters! Big clue!

There will be training November 17th which is next Monday , weird I thought it would be like a Thursday ( newspaper day ) or a Friday ( new stuff ) day .

Go to the HQ and every five minutes , four ninjas will pop up in the top four middle screens and have a sign like this- How did they do that if they don’t exist?

Go to outside of the Pet shop and every five minutes ( EX: 6:55 , 6:00 ) a NINJa will swing by.
Go to the dojo and click the lightbulbs left to right in order and then click the wear a hard hat sign and a ninja poster will be replaced by the wear a hard hat sign.
I got all the pictures from: : Thanks
Also check out my Rumors page , Rumors you might’ve never heard of!=-)


9 Responses to “More Dojo News!”

  1. marianlilac Says:

    I AM SCARED!!! Lol jk! that is freaky

    shyshy6510:lol 😉

  2. Cca☺ Says:

    You dont have to put the address

    shyshy6510:well it is appropiate

  3. Cca☺ Says:


    shyshy6510:hope fully yes

  4. amgrl98 Says:

    Where are your pages?

    shyshy6510: ???????

  5. amgrl98 Says:

    Can I Be On Blgroll?

    What happend to all of your pages?

    shyshy6510:i actually added more , and no sorry you don’t have enough hits =,-(

  6. Snakeshock Says:

    hey whats your banner code i no i can’t be on your blogroll so can you add this banner to your site

    shyshy6510:yea i can add your banner , when my computer is fixed!

  7. Snakeshock Says:

    whats your banner code since you can’t add me to your blogroll please add my banner to your site

    heres the code

    shyshy6510:i can’t add the code until i get my other computer fixed!

  8. Justrokstar Says:

    Cp’s Getting Really Cheap… 😐 We need to get cards to be a ninja?! ripoff…

    shyshy6510:lol , but i betcha the cards will be cheap .

  9. Cca☺ Says:

    no u dont have to buy them Sensei will give you a starter pack then as u get better u probly have to get ur own

    shyshy6510:how do you kn0w?

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