Dojo’s Grand Re-Opening!


Here is cp’s new post

Hello Penguins!

After all the mystery and excitement, The Dojo has finally been repaired and the Grand Opening has begun! We hope you have a chance to celebrate with your penguin friends this weekend! The grand opening celebration will be around all weekend and it includes a brand new room — the one many of you have been helping to uncover over the past week. It’s called the Courtyard! We would love to hear what you think about the grand opening, the new room, and all the creative things you and your friends have planned for the celebration!

dojo2.jpgIn Other News: Many of you have asked for a mute button and the team has created one! Now you can mute music in Club Penguin — just click the question mark at the bottom right of your tool bar and select ‘mute music’.

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on November 14 2008 11:28 | Comments (0)
When you click the dojo it takes you to the Dojo Courtyard ( outside ) go to the left and get a pair of Geta Sandals! The insdie of the dojo is really cool , there is a silver dragon near the ceiling of the Dojo.
The three elements of NINJA!: fire , water , and snow. There is also a gong show that is inside the Dojo , they take down that like cover and a giant gong ( drum ) comes out and you get to hit it with snowballs.
Think About it!
Yesterday is history , tomorrow’s a mystery , and today is a gift , that’s why it’s called the present
How can a bird made for joy/sit in a tree all day? – William Blake-

That’s all for now folks
also i will be gone all saturday and half of sunday so if i don’t comment back soon you know why.

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