Okay well the ninjas are here and the sensei is to.Both the dojo’s are in great shape , awesome shape. Well go inside the dojo and click the sensei.He will teach you the game.The sensei will give you a set of cards , and for furthermore info I don’t know how long they will last , or if you DO have to buy another set.There are 3 modes you can play in.

Friend Mode:click the blue mats inside the dojo to challenge friends to a challenge.You’ll earn a couple of experience points through this.

Competition Mode:talk to the sensei and he will put you with someone else waiting for a challenge of the same rank (level) . You’ll gain the most experience points in this round of play.

Sensei Mode:You can challenge the sensei at any belt leve (beware lol ) but at the black belt level (9) , if you beat5 him you will earn different ninja things.

To win a belt you have to win a lot of competitve matches.More you win the better your belt is.I do not know how many games you have to win to even get a white belt seeing I don’t even have mine yet. LoL . You get to keep all of your belts like souvenirs and when you beat the Sensei you get your black belt and cool ninja items.White is at the bottom and Black is at the top , both not even colors lol , they’re actually shades.

Yes I have already saw a black belt ninja , crazy how many CP addicts there actually are!


36 Responses to “NINJAS AND SENSEI’S!”

  1. Donuts 11 (doesnt feel like being to be signed in) Says:

    lol. i dont get how ppl are really good at this game. im only at white belt… lol.

    shyshy6510:my pc is so messed up it takes forever to log in to CP and im not even a white belt yet LOL

  2. Cca☺ Says:

    Hey im srry bout Tylerdude i thought no one had acess to him. I make it up to u somehow. It also takes me forever i havent got on since around 2:00 this afternoon

    shyshy6510:me too but someone banned him for 44 hours! how can you ban someone that can’t talk!

  3. Dexter333 Says:

    shyshy there is a secret room in the left of the dojo courtyard but where theres the big stone with writing on it in there theres also a secret cataloge and theres a dojo igloo!! (that’s what my friend told me but hes a balck belt so u have to be a black belt to get in there)!!!

    shyshy6510:that is awesome i am going to try to become a black belt i got my white belt yesterday by beating 2 games

  4. Snakeshock Says:

    i kind like this theme better 😆

    shyshy6510:thanks lol it is the theme i started off with an sum1 told me it was to dark and they would give me a better rating if it was lighter ; i took it the wrong way

  5. Donuts 11 (doesnt feel like being to be signed in) Says:

    im so freakin (******) right now… my gosh ppl get out of da room!

    shyshy6510:i go on lower servers , easier to get on , but like it takes forvere to get in dojo because no wonder there is only 1 bar , everyone is in the dojo!

  6. Cca☺ Says:

    Hey this party might not happen cuz im going out to the Lake again I might leave Friday and we’re going to a new site so it might not have a good signal for me to even get on CP but if I leave Saturday ill do the party I might change the times or date though cuz I made the times when Heatblast 227’s World Record is so the servers might 1. Crash 2. Be full 3. be so busy it wont load so it might change to the 29 nah ill change it right now latez -Cca


  7. Cca☺ Says:

    Wow that took me along time to type lol


  8. omaddieflowe Says:

    thnx 🙂



    lol I am on the yellow belt. For the white belt , i won like 2 matches. haha i saw a blackbelt ninja and i was like ” It would be an honor to have a match with you , sir ” obviously i lost , but it was still awesome!! that dude had MOVES!!!

    shyshy6510:lol me too i am a yellow belt starting today.also lol he got MOVES like he really fought you , i want my own deck because i think you’ll be able to do more things besides throwing a waterbomb maybe you could pour a bucket over their head?

  10. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Dude, I saw a black belt ninja for the fist time and I was like Holy Crap!!

    shyshy6510:i know , all of these CP addicts.

  11. Justrokstar Says:

    im on red. 🙂

    shyshy6510:awesome im on yellow now

  12. lilmissyxmaz Says:

    Hey Shyshy sorry about my bro!

    lil missy xmaz

    shyshy6510:it’s okay but hey he could be nicer:niceness is the key to blogging

  13. Crysatal97 Says:

    🙂 Awesomez.

    shyshy6510:lol that’s what i said!

  14. marianlilac Says:

    yeah i have always wondered how the other penguins become a firefighter and spray you down with a hose!!! My favorite thing to do is the card when u r on a ski hill and u come racing down and knock the other person down. When i did that with someone who had a white belt , it made them look like they were wearing a diaper ( lol ) I AM OFFICIALY ON MY ORANGE BELT!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510:im on white belt and LOL it made them look like they were probably a baby wearing a pink pom-pom hat

  15. Cca☺ Says:

    Oh im not going to the Lake this weekend anymore so i changed it to Saturday

    shyshy6510:okay thats good!

  16. 123kde Says:

    hello um im just here to tell you that i have a buddy thats a ninja and he siad there is a seceret room just for ninjas and its on the dojo roof u need to fond this rock with incriptings on it and there is a foot path leading to it k just wanted u to know!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i hope my buddy didnt lye lol

    ~ 123kde

    shyshy6510:you are the 2nd person to say that , dexter333 said that to!
    bubba1960: dont worry, he didn’t

  17. gardenax Says:

    Wow! You almost have 20,000 hits!.

    shyshy6510:i know im so happy i get about 120-275 a day now , highest i got was 360

  18. gardenax Says:

    That was so frocken’ fast!

    shyshy6510:i know =-)

  19. gardenax Says:

    I’m gonna have some pie!

    shyshy6510:my grandma bought some pumpkin pie from McDonalds it was okay , i only like aple pie realy though

  20. waddles190 Says:

    okay, i thought having ninja things had somthing to do with the sensei. thanks for the info =]

    shyshy6510:happy you like the info=-) and thanks for visiting

  21. DIVACATS Says:


    shyshy6510:lol thanks =-)

  22. marianlilac Says:


    shyshy6510:awesome your 2 belts ahead of me

  23. N8596 Says:

    havent even seen the inside of the dojo everyone is crowding it!!!

    shyshy6510:lol i could see that a lot of people haven’t

  24. kid-who-likes-games1223334444555556666667777777 Says:

    white is a tint and black is a shade duhhhhhhhh

    shyshy6510:wow your lame , you commented here tell me that duhhhhhhh


    blue belt!!!!


  26. marianlilac Says:

    purple belt now!!! Yay im so excited!! Two more belts to beocme a NINJA!!!!

    shyshy6510:that is so awesome marianlilac i got my ornage belt today and had to change my whole outfit.I liked my yellow outfit better , i had more yellow items.

  27. marianlilac Says:

    u change your outfits to what belt your on? thats actually not a bad idea! i am taking it slow now cuz i am tired of playing card-jitsu so yah. I have a whole week anyways. so bored. its like 3:36 where i am. i am sitting at my desk on my laptop , bloodshot eyes staring at the bright computer screen. i have no idea why i am still typing. i am tired but i dont wanna get off my computer. LOL my dad would kill me if he knew i was up this late on my computer. btw , i started reading these books called The Clique by Lisi Harrison. They are so good!! and they say ehmagawd a lot!!! They made a movie out of it too and i love it now. Even though the ehmagawd thing is lame. If my dad were to walk into my room , he would see my sitting tiredly in my desk chair tapping away at keys at 4:00 in the morning , sipping Sprite and eating cheese ( random i know but i have weird cravings when i stay up late). lol i am eating it by the slice. So i dont know why i think u would even care but here is my day: woke up late. cuz i like sat in bed for like thirty minutes mayb an hour singing Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. LoL! Went to my little sisters room and played Magical Cinderella Dress Up ( funnnn ) i wouldnt have done it if i wasnt being payed twenty dollars for babysitting even though after i got bored i just watched her watch tv. I ate mac n cheese for lunch. Went to my dads house ( parents r divorced ) and got a christmas tree and decorated it. I broke an ornament(lol)! Now i am doing THIS. the end. interesting huh? NOT REALLY , NO ACTUALLY. i am so addicted to my laptop it isnt even funny anymore. Im going to bed. Seriously.

    shyshy6510:lol and i hope you have a good night’s sleep.Eww cheese by the slice i would atleast eat an orange or apple or something else.Totally sick marianlilac lol.Also we read the play the Clique in our Scope magazines in school.Im getting the movie for christmas!

  28. shyshy6510 Says:

    i am a green belt!!!!!!! yea boi!

  29. Steamroid 3 Says:

    I’m on red belt

    but I’m stuck at it LOL

  30. Steamroid 3 Says:

    “I’m on red well i guess im not going to change my belt beacose i’m stuck at red LOL

    shyshy6510:lol im stuck at green

  31. ninja 7934 Says:


  32. spongey Says:


    I am NINJA! NIN NIN JA!!!!!!
    Its pretty cool being what people have been waiting for 3 years.

    shyshy6510:that is so awesome im green belt right now

  33. salty poe Says:

    im a ninja

    shyshy6510:kewl =-)

  34. Kayla Says:

    I hate my ****** life,.


  35. JongJoo Says:

    btw ma name is the name on CP and i jus read evry single comment got a bit bored…
    *farts* Wooo OUCH! lol i jus got one of those farts which are real loud rippers and it really hurt ma cheeks lol
    nice blog tho!


  36. UMUJA Says:


    shyshy6510:l feel sorry for you

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