Newspaper Issue


This is just going to be a summary , I am not going to be breaking the newspaper into sections just the important stuff.
-Card Jitsu has been added , everyone can reach it , but my question can everybody play the game , not with the way it is to get in the servers!You can take the Fast Path which is buying cards , there are better things you can throw out and higher cards also more like actions you can do.
-Aunt Arctic decided to answer the questions in Haiku form.We learned it in 4th grade or year 4 and a Haiku is where the first linke has 5 syllables , the second has 7 and then again the third has 5 .She answers that her hat is made especially for her , and that the old clothing gets reused , designers make new , and sweaters become dresses . Black puffles are grumpy , well she didn’t exactly answer that one.To train to become journalist you must have skills and a pencil.
-To catch a mullet in Ice Fishing game use a yellow fish for bait at the end of game.
21-4:new pin
21-12:new play ( two fairytales mixed )
21-19:new better igloos catalog ( Christmas Themed )
5-2:new penguin style catalog
Also I had sent a letter to CP as I mentioned a few posts back , they said if I have trouble getting on card-jitsu then i should try to clear my cache but I can’t on the thing I run through!I tried on Internet Explorer and it still didn’t work!
That’s all for now folks
This is from:
Here’s Some Cheats On How To Beat Sensei!

  • You Need To Be A Black Belt
  • Play A Couple More Times If You Lose…
  • Sensei Will Turn Tired And Will Mess Up…
    Then You Get The Aproval From Sensei To Go To The Secret Room!
    When You Get In…
    The Place Is Called The ‘Flippin’ Authorium’ Sounds Fun!

flippersThat Is One Of Rok’s Penguin In That Penguin. ) We Might Give That Away…Here’s What’s Inside Of The Catolog…









Dance To Turn Invisible!


6 Responses to “Newspaper Issue”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy the highest hits I ever made in a day was 1,107. A long time ago.


  2. behemothfiles Says:

    wow card jitsu?(who would of guessed) umm i did make a new post so umm 😐 ok?

    shyshy6510:okay I’ll have to check it out i guess

  3. Cca☺ Says:

    Orngyee said if they’re site got 2,000 more hits this month they wil keep the site( ) plz help them post this EVERYWHERE in a comment in a post (if u have a blog)

    shyshy6510:i will not make a post but i will leave the link up

  4. Jeice Force Says:

    Hey shyshy6510 just saying “hi”

    jEiCe FoRcE

    shyshy6510:umm hey person i have never met nor saw before

  5. gardenax Says:

    How come whenever I comment here, let’s say 5 times and when you get to my site you comment 5 times. You don’t have to owe me comments.

    shyshy6510:thats my policy I have a strict policy of commenting back

  6. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy what belt are you on Club Penguin?

    shyshy6510:im yellow

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