New CP posts


Here are some new CP posts.

Hello Penguins, 

I wanted to thank you all of you for your patience this week with the launch of Card-Jitsu and the slow load times and server issues we’ve experienced. I wanted to apologize if you’ve had trouble or haven’t been able to play the game because it’s full. Because of  popularity of the new game, the servers are really busy and have slowed down as a result. I know many of you are very excited about the new game and have been looking forward to playing it with your friends. 
The team is working hard to fix the servers so they can keep up and you can continue your ninja training! 
If you go to the Dojo and when you try to play Card-Jitsu you get a message saying the room is full–it means Card-Jitsu if full. Try checking out the new play at The Stage or looking for the new hidden pin while you wait and check back to play Card-Jitsu a bit later.
Thank you again for your encouragement and patience. 
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on November 21 2008 11:42 | Comments (48)

Hello Penguins!

Thanks for all your feedback on the new Better Igloos furniture. We love hearing what kinds of creative things you do.

Make sure you check out the new play at The Stage today! Fairy Fables is really different from anything the team has done and we hope you like it. Go check out the costumes and the script and grab some penguin buddies to act it out yourself! Let us know what you think!!


In Other News: Don’t forget about the new pin that’s hidden today. It’ll be out there until December 4, so if you’re a collector, grab it now!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on November 21 2008 07:39 | Comments (46)
There is obviously a new play and some server errors.
Also cca sorry I can’t come to your party , but Justrokstar I will so try to come to yours!

7 Responses to “New CP posts”

  1. Greenoiscool Says:

    Join the Greenoiscool war Agencey! Page Passowrd: the orange rolls on

    shyshy6510:i would like to join , but could you make an all girl outfit or something.

  2. Orngyee (offline) Says:

    I might stay.


  3. 15angel7 Says:

    Hi shyshy 🙂

    Last time you asked me what my site was 🙂 its
    (link/site name removed)

    My name didn’t have a link 🙂 lol.
    But anyways. Your site is really cool! Keep up the good work.



  4. nochia1016 Says:

    Hey Hey Shyshy, I added your questions at the bottom of the pages for my contest. You many answer them whenever, I’ll tally them when ppl remember too, unless I know they’ll never be on…. I will add up everything.

    Thank ye for coming on my site!


  5. Justrokstar Says:

    Justrokstar’s 10,000 Hits!

    Come And Join Us For A Celebration! Meet New People!
    Where: At Mikel Myers Igloo On Map!
    When: November 23,08
    Server: Sleet
    Time: 3 PM PST
    I Will Be Adding Ten People While Mikel Myers Will Be Adding 20!
    We Will Be Recording And Taking Pics!
    Don’t Forget, Two People Will Be Shown On Our Site!
    Hope You Can Make It!

    shyshy6510:i will defintely be there i thought it was yesterday , but you guys changed it on me and i was looking for you guys EVERYWHERE lol i will be there if my gma lets me on the comp before 6:30.(6pm est time for me)

  6. Justrokstar Says:

    lol! woops! i changed the server. sleet aint working.we will be on KONDLIKE. :|3

    shyshy6510:to bad i can’t make it , CP won’t even work for me , so sad i missed it

  7. marianlilac Says:

    ugh i hate the server issues. the ones most filled load quickly and the less filled ones do not load at all sometimes!!! so mad!!!

    shyshy6510:i know i get on the ones with 4 bars becaue people always get on the low ones , it is sorta a think-ahead process.

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