Hi everyone,

My computor got fixed so now I can take screen shots again! yea!

Here is a random screenshot I took.

Burn Baby Burn!

Burn Baby Burn!


11 Responses to “Fixed”

  1. Snakeshock Says:

    please visit my site and enterr in my contest.

    shyshy6510:’ll be sure to come

  2. Justrokstar Says:

    😐 I’m Changing The Server. me and donuts cant even get on that server.

    shyshy6510:my stupid computer wouldn’t even let me log on to CP

  3. Gardenachil Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *wipes tear of eye* sigh LOL!

    shyshy6510:wow you guys must think it is that funny?

  4. Gardenachil Says:

    That picture was so fricken funny! 😀

    shyshy6510:it isnt funny guys

  5. gardenax Says:

    Omg Shyshy I’m so mad I can fly. No jk. I went on this guy’s site ( and since it was in a different language that I didn’t know, I asked their race. I was all like, “Hello, Aloha, Como Esta, Hola! Me English. You English, Pakistan, Mexican, Hawaiian, or Teriyaki?” And it turned out I put teriyaki maybe if the person is Japanese they would be all like wtf? I might put it in one of my future posts.

    shyshy6510:wow you are one strange person

  6. maddie98 Says:


    shyshy6510:wow it isn’t even that funny

  7. marianlilac Says:

    lol! for some reason burnin up by the jonas brothers is playing in my head when i look at this pic. so funny!

    shyshy6510:lol , i don’t listen to the jonas brothers , so i personally couldn’t tell yah , sorry

  8. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Shy! Can you battle against me in Card- Jitsu?

    shyshy6510:if I see you , trust me I will try.

  9. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Awesome, I can beat u..

    shyshy6510:him or me , im a green belt and it doesnt matter your belt color it matters how much strategy you have

  10. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Dang, I just noticed your a green belt.. I’m an orange and beated a black and red. I battled the red when I was yellow belt. Black is orange. (You know, the one I’m in now.) 😀

    shyshy6510:lol and good job , i beat a red belt when i was orange but thats about it

  11. dexter333 Says:

    i was able to beat 2 black belts when i was a white belt! beginners luck

    ps. im not lyen

    shyshy6510:possibly =-)

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