My Worst Teacher Ever!


                    My worst teacher ever would have to be my fifth grade social studies teacher.She was the WORST out of all of them.No one really liked her besides the kids who got good grades in her class , I wasn’t one of them.She was rather large , big most would say.She had a round white face with gray hair , and very small , old , and dingy glasses that barely covered her face.They were pretty thick though.She was mean , but she had other good qualities , those were mainly reflected in the projects we always used to do in her class.Her hair she got fluffed and curled daily.She would get her hair frosted around Christmas time , but when her hair wasn’t frosted we used to describe her hair as an old gray broccoli plant that couldn’t stand the cold much longer , seeing that she had very short hair.She made social studies the most boring subject ever.As I moved onto the other grades social studies seems to get a whole lot better and funner.When we were to bad or loud she used to do our whole lesson plan out in the hallway sitting on the cold floor.She said she did it so she could see all of lined up on the opposite side of the hall sitting , while she sat in a chair with a cushion all the time.We hated it , just as we hated her.We got lunch detentions and we had to eat our lunch in her classroom as a consequence.In silence we sat and ate.Later she would lecture us about our wrong doing , as if we cared , our actions and consequences.She always used to say we were grossly insubordinate which used to make my best friend turn red inside with fury.She over used the word.My friend and I used to always play fight and she caught us one day.That got me and my best friend a lunch detention with the thing,as we called her.My best friend , our other friend , and I used to laugh and joke and say she hid twinkies behind her desk.We all could’ve swore she did!She turned off some of the lights so it was dim , when we were working , and that is when we knew she was eating behind her desk , acting as if she were to bend down and grab a paper.One day my best friend and I came to class early and the door was open , so what we did was went in , like any average fifth grader would.We looked behind her desk and not only did we find twinkies , there was a whole stash , ho-ho’s , candybars , anything you could name was under her desk in a bag.What was a rumor was now true , oh very true.That was one of our many highlights of the year.Wow and did we have many highlights throughout that year , yeah you could say so.Our teacher also loved strawberries , and I mean wow did she love them.She had strawberries everywhere , like decorations , and pencil toppers , and even strawberry scents that drifted through the air.Since she was big we though it was crazily hilarious when we found out she loved strawberries because it was food and she was big.We expected it , but why couldn’t she like stickers , bears , or anything besides food for that fact.Our science teacher loved frogs and our language arts teacher she though Shakespeare was the best thing to mankind.As for our math teacher she stuck to E=Mc2 which she had all over her room.She had a big poster of Albert Einstein on her door I guess to welcome you , as she thought.We had a new student and to get to know them better we would always ask them questions.A lot of kids suggested questions.They suggested questions like what’s your favorite color?What’s your favorite T.V show?What do you like to do in your spare time?Our teacher had all the nerve in the world and a lot of guts to say what is your favorite food?We all got dead silent , we just sat there and exchanged glances.Then….it was like the world’s best laugh fest I have ever saw.We laughed like crazy and talked about the incident for a couple of days.The new student made friends very easily after what had happened.Our fifth grade social studies teacher felt very stupid after what had just happened.We had recess to , woah was that a crazy time.We used to go up the steps to lunch in sets , the quiet kids and the loud kids.I was always in the loud group and ofcourse they just had to give us the mean teacher , my fifth grade social studies teacher.Well it was afetr Christmas break and our teacher fell in the snow after the steps.We were all dead quiet , no one even dared to laugh.Well yeah ofcourse some people in the back laughed quietly.She sat there on the ground , we just stared.The she was like ” Is anyone gonna help me up? “. One person helped her up and we talked about it the way up the to the lunchroom and told the quiet group while they were eating.This girl who barely ever talked said something that was so hysterical.She always read , she was the book-reader as she was labeled by many , she took her books to recess lunch , she even got bad grades because she was always reading and not paying attention , but we all though she admired our fifth grade social studies.She was so obedient to her.Anyways , she said ” I thought I felt the earth shake ” . Wow , we were talking about that for months and now she is remembered for two things , her book reading and for saying her famous quote , that no one will forget.That had to have been the worst teacher , but the best year!

Thia is just random and you can comment with yours and what you experienced with that teacher or whatever.I actually wrote this because my mom is in college , and she didn’t wanna write her report so she told me she would pay me $20.00 if I did but it had to be close to 1,000 words and I wrote that on paper and typed it in a hour , easy money.


26 Responses to “My Worst Teacher Ever!”

  1. maddie98 Says:

    lol is this true though?

    shyshy6510:so true

  2. Justrokstar Says:

    lol ur really random… my worst teacher was in fifth grade too. donuts had her too… the teachers name was ms.zite. we would always mess around the teachers back calling her ms zit. lol! XD (cause she at zits all over. she was 50…) good times… 😀 6th grade was the best but also sad. (my gf moved to denver) 😦 i feel sad now…

    shyshy6510:im in sixth now , my bf moved and ain’t tell nobody during summer vacation , i felt like total crap and i pass his old house everyday and it is like an instant flashback i remember all the things i did with him and even the stuff I ain’t never even told no one before

  3. behemothfiles Says:

    ok this is my 4th grade year,

    Our teacher Mrs.Gonzolez had gotten sick so we had gotten like twentey substitutes,but then be got a like 89 year old teacher.It was hisaricol.I mean when my friend pulled a prank by eating beans at lunch and then farting in class in front of the teacher,he said it was a barking spider,and a 7.5 earthquake.So the whole class fell on the floor laughing(im seriouis!) and so we did.It was histarical.Then there was this time in 5th grade(a bad teacher)I hated her so much I would love to shove my foot up her butt she had sent 15 kids to the princapal.


    shyshy6510:lol about the principle and the old teacher

  4. Crysatal97 Says:

    My Worst Teacher Eva.

    I remember in grade 3 i had this teacher. she was very short {and im very tall} so whenever i spoke to her i always had to look down. I remember asking her “Mrs.___ could you get that poster down for me to read?” {this was during english and i needed to ‘copy’ some words down} so there she was jumping {she had heels on!} because she couldn’t reach it and there I was trying to smoother some giggles. After a while I said “Umm…. I suppose I could get it down myself… I mean, if you want me to” She was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at me! I had to stay in at lunchtime and complete ALL of the work i’d not completed during the lesson.
    The other thing was she was a smoker. Now we all thought she did. She ALWAYS smelt like ciggies and peppermint. Her breath, ugh, someone pass me a bucket! Rumor had it that every recess/lunchtime she would sneek out through the prep/year1 & 2 door and have a ciggie. Now, this door was quite near the Girls & guys toliets. So me and my friend {her internetname is NOT her real name} Lolzhappypuppy, waited in the toliets all recess one day. She didn’t come. At lunchtime a really strict,old teacher screamed at us to get out there {i swear shes got eyes out of the back of her head} so we did.And DARN HER she waited outsoide the door so we couldn’t sneek back in. The next day we hide in the dicabled toliet and dared each other to do stuff {like i dared her to lick toliet paper then she dared me to…well you don’t wanna know} recess nothing happended. But lunchtime, whoa, at about halftime we heard someone coming down the stairs-someone with heels- we froze. Slowly we opened the creeky toliet door HOPING we wouldn’t meet an angry face,we didn’t, I remember it as clear as day ‘Coming?’ I said to Lolzhappypuppy ‘YES!’ she replied. We crept to the door,the cost was clear. We knelt at the bottom of the stairs and slowly {with smootherd giggles} climed up. As we reached the windows looking out of the car park the door connecting the playground with inside screched open. ‘DANG” I whispered and we scurried up the stairs. When we heard the door shut we went back to the window and peeped over, we could see a puff of somke. We slowly peeped up & up until……

    We saw the teachers red brown hair. “Oh yeah! Mrs.__ we gotcha now,” said my friend, “MWA HA HA HA!” Her evil laughs ecoched aroudn the empty,brick corridor! Our teacher looked up and dropped her cigerate stamped on it and made her way to the door. “LOLZHAPPYPUPPY!!!!!!!” I said angrily. We raced out the door and ran and ran until we made it to the basketball court. We landed in a heap on the fake grass infront of our friends, we exploded into laughter. “Did you dsee her face!” “OMg! Lol” we said to each other between giggles.

    Our friends couldn’t help but laugh with us, we have……verey contajous laughs.
    When we told our friends, they went and told there ‘boyfriends'{cute I know!’boyfriends’ in year 3!} then they went & told there friends. Soon word got around………Somehow Mrs.___ got a whift of what was going on. So, one lunchtime as I was about to go out to play she said. ‘Crysatal97, please come here,” NO! NOT NOW! I thought. Putting my happy face back on I said, “Coming”
    “Now, Crysatal97, there is rumor coming round that I smoke. Someone…” She paused, trying to fidn the right words,”Saw me, supposedly”
    “Umm”I said, intellegently.
    “Who Was It?”
    “I’m not sure”
    Well, I said something like that anyway and then i went to play.I had……..Attidude back then.

    Theres my story! TRUE STORY!

    shyshy6510:that is hilarious crysatal97 i would’ve said the same thing.Our teachers aren’t allowed to smoke during school hours + that was when you were in 3rd grade im in 6th which is middle we don’t have recess but we do get to run around a gym and giggle giggle giggle and for me i sit there thinking about the guy i like which is super cute.

  5. Justrokstar Says:

    yea… im in seventh. same here.i lived around her house so i kind of try and not see her house. but i moved on. 🙂 im dating a cheerleader. 😀

    shyshy6510:i don’t have a boyfriend at the time but 3 guys have asked me out this year =-) to bad they’re all ugly

  6. Justrokstar Says:

    i always hated elementary schools. its snowing!

    shyshy6510:lol and it has been snwoing here in Ohio for 2 weeks now

  7. Ruby ele Says:

    Lol, My worst teacher is nicknamed the bogey machine.And the other day when my class had her (she fills in when our teacher is away) and when she faced her laptop the whole class started dancing, then, when she turned round again, we all sat down, it was hilarious, she never found out about as dancing!!! LOL!!! She’s like totally mean!!!

    shyshy6510:the bogey machine? does she pick her boogers or do you guys always dance when she isn’t looking like boogy?

  8. Ruby ele Says:

    LOL, and our man teacher (very, very old) had short grey hair, really fancy glasses (she spoke all posh, as well as acting it!!) You know a really really post englash accent, well times that by 10, thats my mean teacher voice, she was pretty tall, and always wore these toally posh ugly clothes and tryed to walk in this posh way AND she told me off for doing more work than she said (lol, she’d told me off 10 times that day!! Idk why!!) I acciadently did more work than she said btw, im really not one of those ppl who try and impress to teacher!!

    shyshy6510:lol we had to do idioms and my friend got teacher’s pet and she drew a kid on a leah following the teacher i got the couple tied the knot and drew a married couple and a giant knot in the middle

  9. Justrokstar Says:

    ur mom aint cheap but i suk at writing

    shyshy6510:lol it is college work to!i told my friend and she was like wow *shyshy6510* .

  10. shawn1202 Says:

    he he my worst was my french teacher!

    She teaches almost ever one ever year!
    Only my class and the knidergartens!
    Boy am i lucky!
    1 time i just turned around in the gym class and she said i miss 5 minutes of the next gym period!

    Her dances are freaky and she made us do YOGA on the first day in gym class!

    shyshy6510:OMG yoga that is hilarious and you had to miss 5 minutes of the next gym period that must’ve sucked.

  11. Nochia Says:

    I don’t have any evil teachers cuz they weren’t evil to meh. =D
    Maybe my first grade teacher…. But basically, I was being a innocent angel with good grades.
    But wow, I couldn’t read the whole thing cuz I got lost in the words…. I skimmed it and it made sense to me! He He…

    Thx Shyshy for your answers. I can’t tell what’s wrong or not until everyone answers. =)

    shyshy6510:k thnx =-)

  12. behemothfiles Says:

    hmm i am free justrok and nice site justrok its a long story about my 2 favorite girlfriends

    yeah i had one girlfriend named sarah and the 3 girlfriend was cierrira 😀 i had a toatal of….. like 28 girlfriends even i dated Destiny (my fav) who lived in beverly hills! but im single again

    shyshy6510:i so don’t believe that and I have had 3 actual boyfriends , but a lot of crushes

  13. Justrokstar Says:

    i made a random video… i got bored…

    shyshy6510:k I’ll check it out.

  14. shawn1202 Says:

    well it didnt mater if i missed 5 minutes!

    Like the volly ball net was not up and my class is not really fast at that so i missed nothing like mabey 1-3 plays!

    shyshy6510:oh well when you weren’t playing volleyball that must’ve sucked then lol.In our gym we play different games everyday like kickball , football , baseball , soccer , volleyball , and sometimes we have free day and we can do w/e we want.

  15. shawn1202 Says:

    I was also talking to my friend the whole time! So time past by quick!

    shyshy6510:u were lucky your friend was there =-)

  16. Crysatal97 Says:

    I can’t tell wat grade i am in/how old i am. but honestly it ova 3rd duh..

    shyshy6510:you seem like maybe 7th or even 5th being rhe lowest and 7th being the highest

  17. prpleprisily Says:

    My worst teacher was ….
    Well, I’ve always been pretty lucky with teachers but my worst year was year 6 (fifth grade for americans I think.) And I had a teacher I didn’t really like then but I always used to say I did like her to everyone else. Let’s just call her ‘Miss_’. And she was Welsh (we live in Wales). She was really big on Welsh and she used to shout at me because I was the worst, and I didn’t really care about the language or learning it. She was forever picking on me, asking me what random words were like ‘Beth’ or ‘Pam’ they’re not names they’re Welsh words lol XD. She was big on rugby too, she’s very Welsh and I normally just stand in the corner but now I’m in year 7 (sixth grade), I love PE and I guess I probably just wanted to annoy her (and it worked). 😉

    shyshy6510:lol and i think you did a pretty good job of it.I think that the england people count kindergarten as a year so that would make your numbers 1 above us americans i believe

  18. marianlilac Says:

    like i was saying here is a typical day with mrs. symone

    ” SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    raises hand
    ” mrs. symone! Can i please get out my snack? I didnt get to eat breakfast!”
    ” NO!!!” Takes up snack puts it on her desk then eats snack.

    ” mrs. symone i need help with my project.”
    ” I need help with the text”
    ” But im dislexic mam”
    ” But Mam , Diabetes doesn’t affect his reading. Dislexia does.”
    ok that last one was a joke but she IS that mean. Love science but hate her.

    shyshy6510:lol , man but the last one was the funniest lol

  19. marianlilac Says:

    ughhh whats with me and the typos?! Mrs . Symone teaches social studies. I am so tired i am going crazy and typing wrong. im going to bed!!!

    shyshy6510:lol science and social studies? i don’t see a connection at all.

  20. Ruby ele Says:

    Eeeeeew, guess what, today, while I was at shcool eating my lunch the bogey machiene sat with me and my friends, she kept eating with her mouthg open and I was nearly sick, then while she wasn’t look me and my Bfs just started dancing, and giigleing, and she got like, totally angry!!! AND I have her for english tomorrow x-( :@ 😦

    shyshy6510:wow i feel real sorry for you.our english teacher is sick and we have been having subs.Today’s sub was old , she looked like a elf , she wore a old people rose blouse and could pass no farther than 65 yrs old.Usually our room smells like Lean Cuisine foods like lasagna and like umm stuffed cabbage (gross) , but today it smelled like the 1920’s in style perfume , it totally stunk!

  21. safari2008 Says:

    OMG sounds just like my teacher right now lol!

    This is so random!

    shyshy6510:lol well i live in ohio , if you do tell me what district and I can tell you if thats her lol

  22. lilmissyxmaz Says:


    shyshy6510:a lot of people wrote in stories to they’re all pretty funny

  23. Justrokstar Says:

    lol. this stuff is hilarious. u kno wat i hate about teachers? when u dont eat breakfast and u bring a snack. the teacher yells at us. then eats it in front of our faces. ruins our lives…

    shyshy6510:lol our teachers don’t do that to us , but Mr.K does bring in peanut butter crackers to eat for his breakfast and f we didn’t eat ours he gives us some.

  24. Crysatal97 Says:

    Quote: “I can’t tell wat grade i am in/how old i am. but honestly it ova 3rd duh..

    shyshy6510:you seem like maybe 7th or even 5th being rhe lowest and 7th being the highest”

    Hmmmmmmmm very good guess’!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510:maybe year 7 6th grade

  25. Anonymous Says:

    miss gomez is the worst teacher ever she woks at catro elemantry in misson she woks as a cumputer teacher she is at the door of the shool and i hate her i will never want to see her again and i just want to move school becaus of her she has an ugly face and stipid blond hair

    shyshy6510: hehe thats funnyz!

  26. kara234 Says:

    lol im in 4th

    shyshy6510: hehe kewlioz

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