Rate my site!


Hi everyone, bubba here,

Plz rate what you think my site (http://bubba1960.wordpress.com/) Is like on a 1-5 scale. 1is the worst.

19 Responses to “Rate my site!”

  1. Greenoiscool Says:

    1 🙂

    bubba1960: really? that bad? 😦
    shyshy6510:that is so ignorant

  2. Dexter333 Says:

    dude dont worry your site is awsome!!!whatever anyone thinks

    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  3. Dexter333 Says:

    10,000,000/10,000,000 for your site and shyshys site.

    shyshy6510:well thanks dexter i realy appreciate it and if you had a site i would so over-comment and rate yours good also , why you ask? , becasue your totally awesome duh’
    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  4. donuts11 Says:

    not that bad. seven.

    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  5. Thegoldshine Says:

    I gave it an eight(8).

    Pretty good!


    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this
    shyshy6510:my site and his site?

  6. safari2008 Says:

    7 seven!!!

    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  7. marianlilac Says:

    i gave you 10!! 🙂 Your site is great. Plus i need to vent so i was cheering on cp and a guy went up to me and did the little heart picture so i was like yah ok and i did it to. he told me to go to the pizza parlor and when i did a girl was sitting in my seat. i was like what get out and she was like NO. she was like ” who is that” and he was like ” oh some loser that likes me. its so funny she has a huge crush on me and is jealous of you” i wanted to bite his head off. the “happy couple” went to the cove and then i was all alone ( sigh ) 😦

    shyshy6510:OMG that mustv’e totally sucked!sorry you had to go through that.Must’ve really made your feelings hurt , computer or not , this guy today told me he liked me (in real life) and we walked home together and we talked and he got folded because i knocked him down twice and then me and him were wrestling near my old elementary building , yea i cuss and a couple of teachers were looking at me , it was hilarious

  8. safari2008 Says:

    Your site is cool except for the theme the theme really sucks but every one has there own taste eh?

    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  9. Greenoiscool Says:

    To Many Pages and The Design Is Kind Of Boring.

    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  10. Greenoiscool Says:

    Sorry if I Hurt Your Feelings. 😦

    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  11. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:

    7 out of 10

    shyshy6510:bubba has to edit this

  12. Thegoldshine Says:

    I really think both r good!

    shyshy6510:thanks =-)

  13. lilmissyxmaz Says:

    9 out of ten taking one out because of the theme 😉

    Also shyshy if you can get on CP now comment on my site I really want to be your buddy also shyshy you can now join my army its running now please spread the word and just add me to your blogroll for two weeks please shyshy please I want people to join so badly.

    shyshy6510:sorry but i so dearly hope you understand that i can’t add you.I just turned down 123kde’s add for blogroll and he got all mad , but he is seriously trippin about it

  14. lilmissyxmaz Says:

    Oh ok. *sigh* Ok. how about I comment on your site every day 5 times for a week and you put my blog on your blogroll for a week PLEASE!!!!!!!! also I’m changing the sign up page and uniform page!

    shyshy6510:okay and if you miss a day it restarts , it starts tomorrow

  15. lilmissyxmaz Says:

    Also Safari 2008 your site is cool!

    shyshy6510:she was being mean to bubba so i told her she is ignorant on her site 😳 did i just say that?

  16. safari2008 Says:

    Shyshy what the flip!?

    What do you mean???

    I didn’t say nothing on Bubba’s site!

    because I said the theme sucks???

    well I wasn’t being mean and I said it on your site not on Bubba’s also it doesn’t matter if I don’t like the theme BTW I’m a girl and I know DIVACATS in real life and you hurt her feelings when you said Freshy theme sucks!!!!

    your the idiot not me!

    This is all confusing I just started.

    DIVACATS is my cousin you made problems for her made her quit her blog now I just started your making problems for me don’t be a meanie
    Please I don’t like this type of stuff.

    shyshy6510:okay anyways i didn’t make DIVACATS QUIT HER SITE!that was her decision and me and her are friends last time i checked!back out of peoples conversations and everything for real!what are you her bodyguard or should i call you F.B.I?and you meant it for bubba but said it on my site ,this is my site and will NEVER EVER be Bubbas!Get it?Got it?GOOD!!!!!

  17. Greeno Says:

    i changed my mind. 15

  18. Dexter333 Says:

    emm i dont think he edited mine

  19. safari2008 Says:

    lol you changed your mind lol.

    shyshy6510:bubba will have to edit this comment

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