Newspaper Issue #163 and cheats!


Here is newspaper issues #163 higlights.
-Sensei built dojo many years ago when he was lonely.He doesn’t always speak in Haiku form and only black belts can defeat him , but anyone can challenge him.
-“Go Green” parties occur on cp occasionally.They are to help spread the awareness that the environment needs our help , and it needs it now.Power cards can only be used for playing Card-Jitsu , but the quickest way to master the game is to go out and buy your own deck.They have extra numbers and better fighting techniques.
-There is a ninja hideout.Ninjas get a belt and mask and have a chance to DISSAPEAR!They also have a chance to buy exclusive things from a ninja catalog.
new pin on Dec.4th
new penguin style catalog on Dec.5th
new play from Dec.12th-Jan.9th Quest for the Golden Puffle.
Sports catalog
-Click the N in Sports Fur’n’iture to get the Pommel Horse.
-Click the green penguin , then the starfish , then the seashell to get the silver surfboard.

Thats all for now folks.
watch out for that imposter.


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