Please vote for Bubba1960 and Shyshy6510!


Please go to and vote for Bubba and I.Bubba as president and I as vice.
There are 9 different groups.Oreo is in first.We are in third place , but could easily be put in fourth with another vote for a different group.Please vote and I will be advertising.
Please visit: great friend , and has some awesome comments.
We are still in thrid , but with 22 votes , last time it was 9! ood Job , we came in third! =-)
Oreo8000 and Jeffh6 won by 4 votes to TheSource and Aussie! We came in third!Good job and THANKS for all who voted

shyshy6510 and bubba1960 appreciate all the votes we got and how many votes we got after a little advertisement!Thanks to all who voted , for us ofcourse.


11 Responses to “Please vote for Bubba1960 and Shyshy6510!”

  1. maddie98 Says:

    I’m so sorry I didn’t come! I had a lot of homework and i totally forgot. I’m Sorry!


    shyshy6510:it is so okay , our computer got froze and i couldn’t come.

  2. maddie98 Says:

    I went on this website to find out how much blogs are worth and yours is worth $10,161.72.
    Not kidding. I found it at
    and you can put up an html code to tell people.

    shyshy6510:wow thanks!

  3. Jeice Force Says:

    Lol, i voted for this site!



  4. dexter333 Says:

    ill be voting for U lol


  5. dexter333 Says:

    See i know everything i said Shyshy for prez in the KPP page lol

    My 2 fav people for prez!!!

    shyshy6510:thanks dexter!

  6. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:

    i voted for you

    shyshy6510:thanks we need all the votes we can get! =-) I so appreciate it.

  7. Jeice Force Says:

    Yes i was completly honest about voting for this site


  8. shawn1202 Says:

    I would vote for you but i just looked and pick some one with out looking at the bottom sry

    shyshy6510:oh =,-(

  9. snowy1900 Says:

    i did like 5 times!

    shyshy6510:i don’t think you can multiple vote? but Thanks anyways

  10. dexter333 Says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! was the poll fixed??

    shyshy6510:lol and no it wasnt we came in thrid place , we had good advertisement didn’t we? lol

  11. dexter333 Says:

    ive made u and bubba administrators, u can put up widgets i would like club penguin upcoming events and any other widgets u think might me good

    thanks a million!



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