Catalogs and Happy77

Hello Penguins!

We hear from a lot of you that you love when Screenhog does his special posts – it’s a great idea and so we’ll be hearing from a couple different authors on the What’s New blog on a regular basis! I will still give updates on a regular basis too! These two penguins have been around Club Penguin for quite a while and they are very excited about talking to you more often. 

I’ll let each author tell you more about themselves when they post, but here’s a brief introduction:

  • Screenhog – He has a lot of knowledge and is excited to share some behind the scenes stuff about game, mission and art development.
  • Happy77 – She’s kept a low profile for a while and she’s really excited to talk to you more regularly. She’s going to take us behind the scenes too, but in a different way than Screenhog. Happy77 is going to chat with different developers on the team. She’d love to hear ideas about people and projects you’d be interested in knowing more about!  

Let us know what you think! We’d love to know any ideas you have to make the blog the best!

In Other News: Check out the new penguins available at North American Toys’R’Us stores:

newxmas_pen.jpgUntil then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 06 2008 10:19 | Comments (49)

Hello Penguins!

There’s a new pin hidden somewhere in Club Penguin today until December 18, so if you’re a collector, happy hunting! If you’re having a hard time finding it, start a search group with your penguin friends and track it down together! Also, don’t forget about the new Penguin Style catalog today. Be sure to check out all the holiday outfits.

new catalog.jpegIf you like to mix and match, let us know what kind of outfits you’re creating!

In Other News: Tomorrow I’ll be making a cool announcement about some exciting new things that the team’s been working on for the blog, so check it out!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 05 2008 09:57 | Comments (62)
Summary-In other news we have a new catalog , a special edition pin and Happy77 (a mod and CP helper) who will be posting regularly besides just Snakeshock and Billybob.(What happened to Rsnail?)
Thats all for now folks


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