Club Waddles


There is a new clubpenguin game coming out.Only it isn’t made by Billybob and the rest of the gang.It will probably be coming out in 2009 , but to get all the information go to this site : : there is a lot of cool stuff , but there are still memberships!I hate having to have a membership because I have to pay for it , most of the prices are the same for membership besdies 12-month memberships are 55.00$ instead of 60.00$.Join now!Become a beta tester ahead of time , that way you’ll have a chance to get to actually be a beta!
Also i first heard about this site from , thought I would give them some credit , visit and get them some hits!Comment a lot also!

2 Responses to “Club Waddles”

  1. ~Cca~ Says:

    Thx for the link ~Cca~

    shyshy6510:np cca

  2. ~Cca~ Says:

    What’s PeachDesign? Ive never heard of it i found the header on BlogSpot

    shyshy6510:go to and then gallery , you’ll see my name and then click on header is right there , she made it for me

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