Friday The 12th!!!


LoL we missed Friday the 13th by one day!To bad , I was looking forward to it!Here are the new things!

-There are some new Christmas postcards , and there are a couple new Game postcards.There is also even a ‘Coins For Change’ DONATE postcard!
Coins For Change

-There are 3 different sopts you can donate!You can donate at the Plaza , The Beach , and The Captain’s Quarters.

Free Items!

-In Rockhopper’s ship you can get the Red Sailor’s Cap , and at the Plaza and Beach you can get a bell , from last year.

Rockhopper’s Items

-Rockhopper brung a Coins For Change banner , a green parrot and a globe.All furniture items.
-Also Rockhopper’s ship is well decorated!

Quest For The Golden Puffle Play

-Click the gold puffle , behind the Quest For The Golden Puffle thing for The Crook and Flail.
-There is a new supply bag , beige explorer outfit , sienna explorer outfit , mummy , pharoah costume , pharaoh headdress.

New Furniture Catalog!

-Press the Holly on the Christmas Collection Page , to get the Leaning Tree.Featured is ‘Build Your Own Snowfort’ and the Christmas Decorations won’t be in January’s catalog.

Thats all for now!


7 Responses to “Friday The 12th!!!”

  1. dexter333 Says:

    are u able to come to my party?


    shyshy6510:it wouldve been at 5 pm its 7pm now

  2. Greenoiscool Says:

    Do you still use that thing that gives you hits?
    The blinking adverting thing?

    shyshy6510:it depends , i guess so

  3. 1ymapinky1 Says:

    Please come to my party! Also you won 1st placeon the contest on Shawn1202’s site! 😀 Claime your prize now! Please visit my site and vote for me in the friezypopolis election!

    shyshy6510:yaya omg , i finally won something!lol

  4. snowy1900 Says:

    sry im not doing the numbers, at random im picking the prizes

    shyshy6510:okay , when do i get my prize?

  5. Thegoldshine Says:

    Congrats on your win shyshy!

    Also, did you find out who was posing as you?

    P.S. It’s not me, promise.

    shyshy6510:no i never did =-(

  6. Thegoldshine Says:

    Also, can you give me a post about that I am giving away a membership card if they get some questions right?(You can play also if you want)

    Okay, just post this:

    1. Is there a penguin named paintboy100?
    2. How many Fall Fairs did they have?
    3. How old is Thegoldshine?
    4. What was Hydro Hopper’s old name?
    5. Who did more posts on Club Penguin, RSnail or Billybob?
    6. Was there ninjas in the old Club Penguin?
    7. Is Thegoldshine a ninja?
    8. What is Thegoldshine’s favorite season?
    What was the name of the first ever keyboard?(hint:q-p)
    (Whoever gets the most right wins; possible 9 points including bonus)

    Prize by Thegoldshine
    *On Dec 25 they will get their prize okay shyshy*

    shyshy6510:umm okay?can we do research

  7. 6 Strings Says:

    Hey guys…
    6 Strings here…
    You probably know me from Nike & Strings’ Club Penguin Cheats…
    We’re working on Club Waddles…
    But anyway go to our site so you can get details about our party today!
    Hope you guys can come!
    ~6 Strings~

    P.S. How do you get that snow on your site? It’s really cool! THX!

    shyshy6510:go to appearnce then extras

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