Lots Of Stuff!


Hi everyone! Coins for change is finnaly here! You can go three places to donate, the beach, the plaza, and the captin’s quarters.

Coins for Change

Coins for Change


Also the new/old Rockhopper items are here! (click to enlarge)

Rockhoppers Rare Items

Rockhopper’s Rare Items

Also the quest for the golden puffle is back.

Quest for the Golden Puffle

Quest for the Golden Puffle

Click the puffle for the crook and Flail.

Click the puffle

Click the puffle

In the igloo cantalog, click the holly for the leaning tree.

Click the holly

Click the holly



2 Responses to “Lots Of Stuff!”

  1. dexter333 Says:

    Shyshy6510 how did the concert go??
    and the UK stands for the United Kingdom: scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and all of those islands all around the world.


    shyshy6510:oh wel those are my countries lol

  2. Greenoiscool Says:

    Hi shyshy. I found this post. You were the only one who asked!
    lol you were one of my first commenters!

    shyshy6510:lol me and bubba1960

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