Looking For Admin


Hi everyone,

Im looking for an admin for on of my sites. is anyone interested? the address is http://garyclubpenguincheats.wordpress.com/ .



4 Responses to “Looking For Admin”

  1. Dexter333 (on another comp) Says:

    i will
    my experence would have to be: ive just started a website in the last 30 days and ive gotten 181 hits….

    email me if i get the job!lol


    shyshy6510:bubba will have to edit this

    bubba1960: sure

  2. Dexter333 Says:

    what u didn’t edit that….


  3. Dexter333 Says:

    oh right thats shyshys relpy nevermind


  4. thegoldshine123 Says:

    i will


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