Happy77 Revealed!


Here is Happy77 telling us some stuff about her and questions we have for her.

Hello Penguins! Happy77 here.

I’m so stoked to say hi. Some of you might remember me from way back at the beginning of Club Penguin. Since Billybob announced I’d be writing blogs I know some of you have asked about me. Among other stuff, I do some writing for Club Penguin, love to play Mancala, and I’ve been told I’m a bit curious…

Happy77.pngLots of you say you want to know behind the scenes stuff at Club Penguin. So, along with some game updates, I’ll sometimes be asking questions of the people around here. There’s a new mission coming up soon, and I found out that soon Screenhog will be giving you a great sneak peek. But since we’re all curious about missions, I talked to an artist who works on them:

What was your absolute favorite thing about working on the upcoming mission?
“All of it. Doing the storyboards are difficult, but the most fun.” 

What’s your favorite candy?
“Hmmm. There’s this candy that’s kind of like ‘breath perfume’ that I like.”

I want to know all the stuff you’re curious about around Club Penguin, so please let me know! (And tell us if you have any fab ideas for new missions!)

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on December 15 2008 09:38 | Comments (0)
So she wants to know about any ideas and questions we have , lol unlike Billybob , I sent them 2 different emails before , both came back by two different people saying the same exact thing!Maybe Happy77 is different and wants to get involved!Lets just hope so =-)
Please visit : http://crysatal97.piczo.com she has an awesome website and has some contests going on right now , she was also the winner of the 3rd Christmas Games , making the most words out of ‘Christmas’!Her site will be featured in every post I make until Christmas!
-Also new toys have arrived in the UK! Post at http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog !

2 Responses to “Happy77 Revealed!”

  1. happy77 Says:

    i am a mod now i will meet you all at alpine on ice bur

    shyshy6510:liar liar

  2. happy77 Says:

    im a mod i will meet on sub zero at ice burg

    shyshy6510:such a liar

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