Igloo Decorating Contest Unleashed!


Shyshy6510 Here =-)

Here is the clubpenguin websites new post about igloo decorating , and the Christmas party!  http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog
Igloo Decorating Contest!

Hello Penguins!

It’s that time again – Club Penguin’s Christmas Party starts tomorrow and goes until Dec. 29th. As you’re getting ready to celebrate, we don’t want you to forget about the igloo decorating contest. There will be 10 Grand Prize (25,000 coins each!) and 10 Runner-Up (10,000 coins each) winners selected during the party. Judges will look for creativity and originality, so use your imagination as you decorate! Winners will be announced in the Jan 1st newspaper.

igloo2.jpgIn Other News: If you don’t have the pin that’s hidden right now, today is your last chance to find it. Try asking other penguins for help if you’re having trouble. A new pin will be hidden tomorrow! Do you have any tricks for finding pins? Let us know.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 18 2008 08:41 | Comments (0)
Great post from the clubpenguin workers.It talks about when the Christmas party starts and the igloo decorating contest!If you don’t know where the pin is , it is at the puffle shop on a pink scratcher , its a snow fort pin!

Don’t be mad , get glad , its almost Christmas!


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