Ninja Guide & 1Month CP mem Contest


It is me thegoldshine!


Now, I am about to be done with the guide.  But, I have to work on it through Christmas Day.  I am going to get this neat program that will help it come out nicely.

Here is a sneak peek:

Thegoldshine Productions©


I will have to change the contest to something a little better. (Don’t worry, the people who won the contest before will have a better chance of winning.)  But still, it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE for another person to win rather than the winners of the last contest. The winner will be randomly selected with a random-name generator.

That is about it!

Keep on Waddle-Rockin!

~ Thegoldshine ~


9 Responses to “Ninja Guide & 1Month CP mem Contest”

  1. bubba1960 Says:

    did I win?

    Author’s Comment:
    shyshy6510:nope , contest over

  2. dembikova Says:

    ok i enter this contest k


  3. gardenax Says:

    Sorry I called it a junk page. It just had me shochked. Like wow. Glad ur back anyways.

    shyshy6510:Thanks i was gone for a while

  4. behemothfiles Says:

    hi hi im im your chat


  5. gardenax Says:

    I’m going to your chat. And the penguin test thing is ready. Idk is Nachos lol Nochia noticed it already.

    shyshy6510:penguin test thing?Whats that?

  6. ~Cca~ Says:

    I wanna win *sigh* but i know i wont

    shyshy6510:i didnt win either

  7. dembikova Says:

    who won

    shyshy6510:idk sorry

  8. dembikova Says:

    ok ill ask the golshine

    dear, mr goldshine

    may i ask who one your contest thank you and merry Christmas

    Author’s Note:
    Idk im thinking of how to reward the winner, but there is a three-way tie between you and 2 other people.

  9. dembikova Says:



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