Christmas Eve!


Shyshy6510 Here =-)

Hey viewers its Christmas Eve for me,and well for the rest of the U.S.A for that fact.Well I was just wondering do you celebrate that you can open 1 and only 1 present on Christmas Eve?We do,but my grandma hasn’t gotten home yet so I can’t even touch the presents yet.I live in Ohio and have EST (eastern standard time) time , which is 3 hours exactly ahead of PST (pacific standard time) time.Comment below and say what you got to open,if you celebrate Christmas like that.Tomorrow I will be making a Christmas post and will be listing all the things that I got for Christmas =-).You can also comment that too,but that’s tomorrow so you’ll have to wait.I will put what I got to open up,as soon as I open it under the Update: box below.

Please visit :
New Google image at:

And remember for the people who won the contests!The people who won authoring you will be taken off and the same for blogroll and reccomendations.

Don’t be mad,get glad,Christmas is tomorrow!!!



8 Responses to “Christmas Eve!”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    Minor Beta Testing For Club Waddles At:
    Just Click The Green Link.
    Remember It Is MINOR Beta Testing!

  2. caligirl998 Says:

    Ur so lucky i dont get to open 1 present until tomorrow im 3 hours behind u shyshy I got PST!

    shyshy6510:lol haha

  3. caligirl998 Says:

    Im doing the same thing as you so ppl can tell me what they got! I told them you were doing it too, and I put a link to ur blog. Thanks for the idea! ~Cali

    shyshy6510:thanks as long as theres a link i could care less lol

  4. sony24dah Says:

    I live in florida so i have est 2!!! i do that too i only open one present!on xmas eve of course

    shyshy6510:what’d ya open?

  5. Justrokstar Says:

    i live in central. 😦

    shsyhy6510:where and whats that?

  6. sesu12 Says:

    central is 1 hour behind est and 1 hour ahead of pst and its still ice age 3 in Seattle and we r sapose to open all presents on Xmas eve but our family hasn’t come today so we r opening them tomorrow morning or afternoon or even tomorrow night, anyways merry Christmas and i am pst.

    shyshy6510:cool but im est so i get to open my presents earlier lol and wow still ice age 3.we didnt even have a white christmas in ohio this year it barely snowed at all!GLOBAL WARMING IS SO CATCHING UP!

  7. Crysatal97 a.k.a. Crys Says:

    Its the Christmas Night as in I’ve opened all my presents already and about to have dinner,

    shyshy6510:wow Aussie must have way different times

  8. sony24dah Says:

    i opened the cp elite force and i have an extra code to give away

    shyshy6510:WOW thats awesome!your giving away codes , since when?

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