Christmas is here,so what did you get!Here are the things I got!

-a ton of shirts many skull shirts
-a new southpole purse/backpack lol
-the ‘Clique’ movie
-the ‘Journey to the center of the earth’ movie
-two new white jackets
-socks lol
-a bunch of gum!
-a wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-sonic for wii
-wall-e for wii
-lego star wars for wii
-super monkey ball for wii
-4 new controllers
-4 nunchuck controllers
-wii sports and wii play!
-‘thats so raven’ hairspray and perfume
-prepaid cellphone with 200 mins.emergency phone
-spongebob monopoly
-pictureka by parker bros.
-last word game
-glittery mudd watch
-fake nail set
-glittery mud calculator
-giant purple carebear
-5 new pairs of pants + i got long time ago , but were for christmas
-new calvin klein coat + i got long time ago , but were for christmas
-new boots + i got long time ago , but were for christmas

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12 Responses to “Christmas!!!”

  1. caligirl998 Says:

    Hey shy! Its on 7:30 here so my parents are still asleep. Of corse, we have to do our presents “ALL TOGETHER”! Im dying! Anyway my mom said 8:00 so i’ll let ya know asap. Love, Cali;)

    shyshy6510:k i woke up at 3 am and couldnt go to bed.i finally woke my aunt up (17 yrs old) and we played the gamecube and then like 1 hour and 3 mins later we went downsatirs to wait for my gpa to wake up.

  2. gardenax Says:

    Dear Shyshy6510,

    I’m here to wish you a safe and happy holidays. Rememer, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Merry Christmas! Here’s a small poem:

    It is Christmas Time
    A time of joy, peace, and happiness
    A time for us to all gather
    To celebrate much we rather
    May you always be protected
    Though it might not be exactly as you expected
    But with your family, you’re reconnected.

    🙂 Gardenax 🙂

    Please pass this message down, you don’t have to give me credit for it. You can just put your own name on the closing.

    shyshy6510:okay i passed it on to a couple of people seeing it is christmas and all i dont have much time to be on the computer

  3. gardenax Says:

    My only wish for Christmas is:

    1) Club Penguin Toy Codes

    2) Wii

    3) Skateboard (I mostly want that cause I might not be able to do it when I’m older) I get made fun of.

    Wow I like these SnowFlakes wordpress given out. They follow your mouse any dircetion it turns to. You can adjust it’s speed to. They should extend the Snow until Spring.

    shyshy6510:lol , but all the way until spring?

  4. Crysatal97 a.k.a. Crys Says:

    Hey! I got a Wii to! I got Mario Karts, Beach Sports and Something else…that game thta comes with the actul wii!

    shyshy6510:wii sports comes with the wii , it is like a demo.Beach sports sounds fun also

  5. caligirl998 Says:

    Ok I got alot but here I go….
    -Juggling kit
    -Elite Penguin Force
    -This cover for my nintendo ds
    -Set of sweet smelling shampoos
    -Roxy perfume(smells good!)
    -A pair of shoes
    -A shirt
    -A pair of pajamas
    -2 gift cards
    -A cover for my ipod

    I know i got 1 or 2 more things but I cant think of em! Ok, well yeah. Seya shy!

    shyshy6510:lol i still gotta add more i just got some gift cards and i gotta add some things i got a while back , but they were for christmas because i needed them now

  6. Justrokstar Says:

    lol. i got a new iphone 🙂

    shyshy6510:expecting it from you , its so you seem like a rich boy

  7. 11pokemon11 Says:

    What I got in Christmas is…

    1. Club Penguin Trading Cards.
    2. Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force

    Yes!! Also, I am a ninja! 🙂

    shyshy6510:wow thats it?i just got some more stuff today lol.sorry if thats all you got =-(

  8. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:

    i got a wii to! and got 2 numchucks two controlloers and mario cart racing and wii sports!!!!!!!!!11 plus alot more presents

    shyshy6510:COOL!!THATS AWESOME! we want mario cart , but it was all out and we want family fun night.

  9. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Nah, I got more. I hat a whole lot. Just don’t wanna list it.

    shyshy6510:oh those were like your main ones.pretty good main ones if they were.

  10. sesu12 Says:

    i already had a wii so doesnt really matter but i got a airplane for xmas thats it and once again its because of ice age 3 lol.

    shyshy6510:lol it is 60 degrees ion ohio.we didnt even have a white christmas this year =-(

  11. empleongirl Says:

    awesome! I got a wii for my house, wii sports (included w/wii), wii music w/wii at my house, and Thrillville off the rails for my wii at my house. At my dad’s i got Nights journey of dreams 4 wii, Golden compass thing 4 wii, Mercury meltdown revolution 4 wii, wii music, animal crossing city folk 4 wii, 2 things of socks (all 2gether 20), Final fantasy III, some bug game called insectorpaters er somin.yeah im the game person. OH and from my grandma Personal trainer cooking 4 the DS!!!! i think starsunmoon2 is going to give me The Sims 2! im going to her house 4 a sleepover Monday-Tuesday. 😀

    shyshy6510:my best friend cant come to my house because she has to watch her stupid brother while her other 3 go to daycare =-(

  12. empleongirl Says:

    oh well maybe 4 my b-day? idk. LUCKY U CALIGIRL998. U GOT A CELL PHONE! lol happy new year shyshy

    shyshy6510:merry christmas to yo about 6 days late lol.

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